Constitution of Turkmenistan Is 30

27 May 2022

The Constitution of Turkmenistan is 30 years old. Over the years, much has changed in the life of our society and state, the national legislation has been significantly modernised, and modern laws and other regulatory legal acts have been adopted, which greatly contribute to the development of state and public institutions. In a short historical period, Turkmenistan has made significant progress in establishing and promoting foreign-policy relations and taken a decent place in the global community of states.

The Constitution of Turkmenistan is characterised by a commonality (aggregate) of the main features and legal properties. It is these properties that express the individuality, distinction and qualitative originality of our Basic Law. They reveal the legal essence and nature of the Constitution. As the final document, it consolidates the existing level of the development of social relations that had been formed by the time it was adopted or amended. Each new Constitution serves as a legal reflection of the course of the historical development of both society and state and provides a concise but thoughtful description of the Turkmen society.

Honoured Lawyer of Turkmenistan, Honorary Elder of the People of Turkmenistan, Doctor of Law, Professor. Photo: Sagit BATALOV
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