Creator of dutar

6 May 2022

Meretmyrat Amansahedov is a well-known dutar maker in the Ahal velayat. Awarding him the title “Çeper döredijiligiň halk ussasy” was perceived with great joy by connoisseurs of his craftsmanship and with particular pride by his fellow villagers.

The 79-year-old elder lives in the village of Ahal of the Geoktepe etrap, Ahal velayat, and if you want to see him, you need to ask the address of the teacher Ovez aga. This is how the people call Meretmyrat aga. Despite his age, he is vigorous and active. It is probably a great miracle to live a long life in good health and even in old age to be able to do everything with your own hands.

Niyazmamed CHERKEZOV
Photo: Hasan MAGADOV
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