A ho­li­day of tas­te, pre­sen­ted by now­ruz!

18 March 2022

Now­ruz has come – the who­le world is bloo­ming to­day.
The nigh­tin­ga­le is sin­ging about the ro­se to­day.
Re­joicing, the heart is drin­king joy to­day.
In the de­sert, the gar­den of hap­pi­ness is gro­wing to­day...

Turk­men po­et Shey­dayi (1730 — 1800)

a teacher at the De­part­ment of Fo­od Hy­gie­ne, My­rat Gar­riyev SMU, chi­ef free­lance specia­list in healt­hy fo­od at the Mi­nist­ry of Health and the Me­dical In­dust­ry of Turk­me­nis­tan