Camel’s ,milk is medicine of illness

28 January 2022

Saying «Camels are the world animals», «The rich man with camels is rich by the world treasure» the Turkmen people paid a great respect to camels. The camel’s meat, milk, wool are also have medicinal properties. Because of endurance of camel of waterless situation its meat is considered the medicine fighting against hot dry wind. Because even in the very hot days of summer camel can walk a week without water. The camel’s milk is considered as an invaluable natural beverage in strengthening the human body. It contains different oils. The camel’s milk, agaran, is a very valuable drink for quenching thirst. Besides that it is also a remedy for treating the diseases of kidneys and lungs. The clothes made of camel’s wool are medicinal and pleasant for human body. The table-cloth made of camel’s wool is considered sacred among the Turkmen people and the whole Muslim world. The species of arvana and bugra of camels which reached our days are considered one of the successes in cattle-breeding of our ancestors. Camel breeding is considered as a special art among the Turkmen people. Our ancestors considered Soltan Veyis as the sacred father of camels and they organized parties in honour of him. During centuries the caravans of camels traveled constantly along the Great Silk Road.

In the last years different diets are kept in European countries to keep healthy the body. But in spite of hard and poor life of the people in India and in the countries of the Near East in comparison with European people they have long life and strong health. This situation is explained because of the widely use of camel’s milk. That is why the businessmen of the United Nations Organization call upon exporting of camel’s milk to the markets of the Western states. The Arabian people used the camel’s milk to treat many diseases such as smallpox, wounds, ulcers, toothache, stomach diseases and against poisons. The Arabian scientist Ar-Razi wrote the following about camel’s milk: «The milk of the camel which gave birth of a little camel, treats liver and apathy».

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