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15 January 2022

Fresh Bread on Dastarhan

In recent years, bread-baking technologists have developed dozens of new types of products from white wheat flour of the highest and first grades and with the addition of bran. These are chureks and loaves called “Bagtyýarlyk”, “Kepekli”, “Bugdaýly”, “Nowruz”, “Diýar” and others. Healthy dietary black bread is not forgotten. The state baking sector produces a total of 200 types of bread, including 120 types of national one. Fresh bread is sold through the chain of grocery outlets of the Ministry of Trade and Foreign Economic Relations and brand stores of the Ministry of Agriculture and Environment Protection located throughout the country. To provide the population with bread in the structure of the agro-ecological establishment, a large branched infrastructure, consisting of elevators and bakeries, operates. They are located in all five velayats, with an average of three in each region. The largest of them are designed for the simultaneous storage of up to 100 thousand tonnes of grain products. The storage facilities easily accommodate food and seed wheat with a reserve for a year in advance and also ensure the safety of cereals of other types. For example, the Dashoguz velayat, in addition to wheat and rice, also produces barley, mung beans, sesame, beans and other types of cereals and legumes, including peas as a feed additive. All cereals grown domestically, before acceptance, are checked by specialists of the Türkmenstandartlary Main State Service in accordance with the norms of the State Reference Centre of Turkmenistan, commissioned with the participation of the leader of the nation in 2013.

NT Photos by Sagit BATALOV.
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