Pistachio Nut on a Children’s Vest

10 December 2021

In caring for the younger generation, women created comfortable conditions for children to play outdoors in the hot season and in winter cold. In the seasons of the “temperature swing”, they sewed warm sleeveless jackets of velvety material and embroidered them with fragments of turquoises, carnelians, shells and also with ... pistachio nuts.

A similar tradition was observed until the middle of the last century in the Mary velayat, in the settlements of Serahs, Vekilbazar, Tagtabazar, Yoloten and Kushka, where from time immemorial the fruits of this tree were used. The natural grove of pistachio trees is located within the region. Pistachio is a symbol of strength and fertility, its fruits were used to decorate children’s clothes for them to grow up healthy, powerful and hardy, like the tree itself – a long-liver, unpretentious to the environment. This is how the parents wanted to see their child, who, having become an adult, will be able to withstand difficulties, continue the family and have strong offspring, because the true wealth of a person is health and fortitude.

a senior research worker at the State Museum, State Cultural Centre of Turkmenistan, Candidate of Biology. Photo is provided by the Museum.
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