«Oguz ornament» – new Turkmen carpet

2 December 2021

In the Epoch of Might and Happiness under the wise leadership of our Esteemed President, a state policy aimed at studying, preserving and spreading the national values of the Turkmen people as a nation, is being implemented. One of the greatest of these values is the Turkmen carpet, which is a unique work of art. It is even more important today to carry out scientific work aimed at the study of ancient specimens of this value, which is the fruit of the great talent of Turkmen women, and the creation of new modern specimens without losing their national identity. Taking advantage of the opportunities created in this area, our deep interest in the art of carpet weaving has led us to create a model of a new Turkmen carpet.

Before moving on to the description of the project of the new Turkmen carpet «Oguz Ornament» presented by us, let's look at the history of the origin of the classic Turkmen carpet. As we know, the patterns of Turkmen carpets trace their roots back to ancient times. It summarizes the talents, feelings of fine beauty and patience of the Turkmen people. The art of carpet weaving created in Turkmenistan as a place of human material and spiritual values and the experience of its patterns formed by artistic creativity still retain their classical form. The embroidered patterns on the carpet fill and enrich the talents and philosophical ideas of human nature, the worldview of beauty, the spiritual life of the Turkmen people.

Sahetmyrat AMANOV,
Founder of «Duyelidepe» ES.
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