Independence gives inspiration to our hearts

13 August 2021

The achievements of our beloved Motherland in the years of independence have led to the harmonious implementation of positive reforms in all spheres of our state and society. It should be noted that independence is important for development in the contemporary history of Turkmenistan. From the first days of independence, Turkmenistan has contributed to the global development. With the status of permanent neutrality, our independent Motherland has strengthened positions in the world community.

The growing economic potential of our beloved Motherland, which is confidently moving towards the new heights of development, provokes joy and pride on the eve of glorious Independence Day. At that moment, the words of the President of Turkmenistan come to mind, ‘To delight in independence, to love the Motherland and the people is happiness’.

Head of the Political and Social Department of the Central Library System, Ashgabat Department of Culture, Ministry of Culture of Turkmenistan.
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