A rich harvest is the property of the people

30 July 2021

In the modern history of the Turkmen state, under the wise, far-sighted and progressive leadership of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, grandiose reforms, aimed first of all at improving the wellbeing of the Turkmen people and their quality of life by creating abundance of food, are being carried out. And here the most important indicators are the achievements of the farmers, who make every effort and work hard to ensure abundance on the table of every Turkmen citizen.

Active and targeted government support and progressive reforms directed at the widespread digitalisation of the agroindustrial complex act as a powerful impetus for the development of agriculture in the country. In this context, the natural and climatic conditions of our country are taken into account, which allows year after year to gather rich harvests of vegetables and fruit, berries and grain crops. Particular attention is paid to the rational use of water and land resources, as food abundance is a symbol of a successful and prosperous economy. Wheat production today makes it possible to fully meet the domestic needs of the country in grain.

a teacher at the Turkmen State Institute of Economics and Management
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