A voucher to the whole family for a trip to Avaza

18 June 2021

In summer, during vacations and children’s holidays, many face a choice: where to go and relax, gain strength and impressions and improve their health? And, of course, the best vacation for the whole family is on the Turkmen coast of the Caspian Sea in the Avaza national tourism zone, where excellent conditions have been created for a comfortable and healthy rest.

It should be noted that sea bathing has a great hardening effect. In this case, the body is complexly influenced by temperature, the chemical composition of water, the shock of waves and clean air free from dust and microbes. Besides, sea air contains more moisture, ozone, microscopic salt crystals and phytoncides. Salts of minerals (sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium and others) and also trace elements (iodine, bromine, etc.), contained in sea water, are absorbed through the skin, affecting the activity of the nervous system and metabolism. And, of course, rest on the seashore, a picturesque landscape, sparkling water in the sun, the sound of waves and a light breeze will help “throw off” the fatigue accumulated over the year, be recharged with energy for the coming months and create a calm and joyful mood.

NT. Photo: Hasan MAGADOV
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