Legends about Mystical Gozli-Ata

2 April 2021

Turkmen oral folklore is rich and diverse. Sagas, legends and stories about historical places and personalities of Turkmenistan are passed on from one generation to another, for example, legends and stories about Gozli-ata, which means saint grandfather. The mausoleum in the Balkan velayat in the west of Turkmenistan, where, according to legend, he was buried, is named in his honour.

According to historical information that Turkmen scientists refer to, Gozli-ata was a descendant of the third “righteous” caliph. The outstanding Turkmen poet Magtymguly mentioned him, addressing another poet, “If you are a descendant of Gozli-ata, then we are from the Gerkez people.”

NT. Photo: Sagit ADYGOV
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