“Paradise” Horses – Our Wealth

26 March 2021

Like exquisite Turkmen carpets, Turkmen alabay, ak bugday wheat, musical instrument dutar and gold and silver jewellery, Ahalteke horses have been the pride of our ancient and wise people and part of their national wealth. It was in the fertile land of the Turkmen that many centuries ago, the cult of the purebred Ahalteke horse as a faithful and dependable companion along the centuries-old path of historical development emerged, and today it has become a vivid symbol of the economic strength of the Turkmen state, unity, cohesion and prosperity of the people.

Modern science recognises that Ahalteke horses rank among the most ancient breeds among the known 250 horse ones. Nearly every encyclopaedia says the Ahalteke breed is that of riding horses developed by folk selection in the territory of modern Turkmenistan, presumably about 2500–3500 years ago that has greatly influenced many other well-known horse breeds.

Jumanazar KARAJAYEV,
a political scientist
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