Decorative Items from Shehrihaybar

5 February 2021

In a new historical era, priority importance is attached to the study and preservation of the literary and cultural heritage, national traditions, tangible and intangible values for future generations. Setting the tasks of promoting the glorious history and ancient monuments of the Turkmen people, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov approved the State Programme of archaeological excavations at the monuments in the regions of the country along the Great Silk Road for 2018–2021. The historical monuments of particular interest that appeared due to the Great Road that ran through the territory of our Motherland include the medieval settlement of Shehrihaybar.

The settlement, located 10 kilometres north of the Geoktepe railway station and adjacent to the northern outskirts of the eponymous farmers’ association in the Ahal velayat, became a subject of research. In the past, the settlement was located along one of the routes of the Nisa–Khwarezm section of the Great Silk Road. It was an important centre of trade and crafts of the region.

a research worker at the Institute of History and Archaeology, Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan