Independence Is the Guarantor of Our Bright Future

22 September 2023

This year marks the 32nd anniversary of the declaration of the state independence of Turkmenistan. For every nation, independence is an invaluable blessing, the greatest relic, a catalyst for national pride, the groundwork for growth and the solid foundation for the unity and state integrity. This important historical and fateful event is an embodiment of the aspirations of every freedom-loving nation. Thus, the word “independence” contains many important and valuable things for both the individual and the state.

The Turkmen people strove for independence for many centuries. Dovletmammet Azadi, Magtymguly Pyragy, Seyitnazar Seydi and many other Turkmen thinkers and writers wrote about it. Many centuries later, the Turkmen people gained freedom and declared their country independent. In 1991, the count of the new history of the Turkmen people started.

Doctor of Law, Professor, Honoured Lawyer of Turkmenistan, Honorary Elder of Turkmenistan