Arkadag City – the City of High-Tech Health Care

15 September 2023

The 32nd anniversary of the independence of Turkmenistan is approaching. Festive events are taking place throughout the country to mark this significant date, labour victories and the commissioning of new buildings are dedicated to it, winners of the state contests are announced, and exhibitions, conferences, concerts and theatrical performances are organised. The programme of the Independence Day celebrations includes dozens of events; the tradition of brightly celebrating the main holiday is acquiring new colours with every passing year.

However, the most significant event of the year was the ceremony of the opening of the first smart city in our country and Central Asia that has the status of a city of national importance. Today, a couple of months after the festive events, which riveted the attention of the entire world and was attended by more than 200 delegations of foreign states and international organisations, Arkadag City lives an ordinary life adjusted for its technological effectiveness.

NT. Photos: Hasan MAGADOV