Review the Traffic Rules

15 September 2023

The academic year has started recently. There is an important parental responsibility in the beginning of the school year, especially if the children go to school and back on their own. It is necessary to tell them how to behave in the city and to follow the traffic rules.

The most common causes of childhood road traffic injuries are crossing the road in an unspecified place or in front of nearby traffic, playing on the roadway or at a very close distance from it. In the same list, there is the ignorance of the rules for crossing the intersection, inattention to traffic control signals, the wrong choice of the place to cross the road when disembarking from the transport, access to the roadway from behind parked cars, structures, green spaces and other obstacles. The cause of accidents can be riding bicycles, roller skates or scooters on the roadway and many other things prohibited by the traffic rules.