Pattern Embroidered for Happiness

19 May 2023

National embroidery, being a part of the decorative and applied arts of the Turkmen people, which has its roots in ancient times, is an original and peculiar phenomenon. Like the famous Turkmen carpets, it has not only been preserved in its original form, but has also been developed in the works of modern skilled needlewomen. Of course, handmade embroidery has a certain intrinsic value, the presence of its creator, her individuality and spirituality are always felt in it. It contains a kind of message in which the mood, thoughts and feelings of the craftswoman are reflected. The articles embroidered by Turkmen needlewomen can be compared with fine arts, which are part of visual communication, a reflection of reality, an expression of something meaningful and exciting. The ethnic history, the mystical sacredness of the sign-symbolic letter, addressed, ultimately, not only to the contemporaries, but also to future generations, is reflected in the Turkmen national embroidery.

Our talented grandmothers and great-grandmothers were engaged in needlework, weaving carpets and rugs, making felt mats, knitting and weaving various amulets – “alaja”, “jähek”, “aldymgaç”. Their golden hands did not know fatigue, their creativity is worthy of surprise, and their work is admirable! Putting a piece of their soul into every item, they have been creating unique products for centuries: whether it is decoration for a home or a unique fabric with patterns for a festive dress. These original handmade examples are still popular among fashionistas.

the Head at the Directorate of Intangible Cultural Heritage, Ministry of Culture of Turkmenistan
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