Dargan Fortress

19 May 2023

Excursions to historical monuments, which the Lebap velayat is especially rich in, have become traditional for students of secondary educational institutions of our region. So recently, we with school students visited the vicinity of the Dargan settlement-fortress, the very name of which, according to the definition of Arab linguists, means: “barrier”, “barrage”, “dam”.

Five kilometres from the Dargan fortress, over time, a settlement appeared, and then the modern town of Darganata. It is one of the towns of the Lebap velayat in the north-eastern region of Turkmenistan, bordering with Uzbekistan. Residents of Darganata are proud of the nature conservation objects located there. On the territory of Dargan, there is a mausoleum of the 14th century, called by the locals the tomb of Abu Muslim. According to the preserved inscription on the door of the mausoleum, it was built in 1371-1372 (in 773 according to Muslim chronology).

a history teacher at secondary school 36 of the city of Turkmenabat. Photo: the author
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