State guarantee of labour rights of the citizens

31 May 2022

By a good example of our Hero Arkadag rihgts of any worker, toiler, entrepreneur, in general, any working man are protected in our country on the basis of our Constitution and other legislative acts proceeding from it. Certainly, the happy citizens of the country can get rewards for their work tirelessly and honestly in response to great concern of the state and make their great contribution to the development of different sectors of economy of our Motherland.

As it is known, rights of the citizens to work, including choosing their profession, job and working place, healthy and safety working conditions, to be protected from unemployment are guaranteed by the Constitution of Turkmenistan. If to analyze deeply, one can see that aims of labour legislation of Turkmenistan are to guarantee protection of labour rights of the citizens by the state, to create favourable working conditions and to protect rights and interests of the employees and employers.

Assistant of prosecutor of Dashoguz City Lawyer of the first category.