Turkmenistan is a country of happy childhood

31 May 2022

In the new historical epoch, great works are being done in our country to ensure the proper, modern upbringing and getting education, health care, spending their time joyfully and interesting of the young generation who are the future of our country. It should be noted that care of children in our country has become one of the priorities of the state policy. The state care about the children who are the young citizens is the guarantee of success and prosperity of our country. Because today’s children are the professionals who must rule the country tomorrow, work, create, build for the prosperity of our state.

The child is the meaning of life, beauty of life and master of our future. That's why in our powerful state, kindergartens and schools with all the facilities in full compliance with world standards are being put into regular using, in which thousands of our younger generations are being brought up and educated. It is gratifying that all of the tall, white marble buildings of the educational centres reminiscent of the graceful palaces are equipped with the latest state-of-the-art technology. This helps the younger generation to master the lessons well and gain a deeper knowledge.