Education is the source of development

31 May 2022

During the New Era of Revival of our Powerful State in our country going forward at the speed of a racer the development of the education system has become one of the primary trends of the state policy. That is why in our dear Motherland, following the primary trends of science and education developing of our country from the scientific, educational and cultural point of view are being followed.

In September of 2017 the «Conception of the Development of the Digital Education System in Turkmenistan» was adopted by the Decree of the President of Turkmenistan. This conception is important in improving the quality of education through the provision of high-quality electronic information at all stages of the education system and the widespread use of digital equipment. In the new historical epoch, systematic works are being carried out to realize the «Conception of the Development of the Digital Education System in Turkmenistan». Modern educational centers are being built and put into operation in our capital and provinces. All of these educational facilities provide opportunities to conduct classes in an interactive way using multimedia resources. The interactive delivery of classroom information through the use of multimedia means create wide opportunities for conducting attractive, interesting lessons, for mastering the themes and understanding the possibilities of advanced modern technologies by students. Of course, as in any field, there is a need for skilled professionals in the transition to a digital economy. One of the important conditions for the future youth of our country for getting education in accordance with world standards and making a worthy contribution to the economic, political and cultural life of our country, becoming skilled professionals is attaining to make them able to actively and effectively use modern information technologies in their professional careers. This important task, which is at the current stage of development of the education system of our country is based on the world's leading achievements in the further development of the national digital education system, the use of information and communication technologies in combination with innovative approaches to teaching at all levels of education. It should be noted that within the framework of the digital education system, a special emphasis is made on telecommunications training between educational institutions. Having classes through telecommunications allow young people to master the lessons conducted by experienced teachers working in other educational institutions across the country, on the one hand, those teachers also have wide opportunities to exchange experiences with each other in the digital system. During the period of passing the information into the digital system it is important to create a network for the exchange of scientific data and to connect them through the online system. Connection of educational institutions through the online system of libraries of scientific and educational centers has a positive effect on making the book stock of our country widely available to users.

Gurbangul MYRADOVA,
Head of the Turkmen language department of Dowletmammet Azadi Turkmen National Institute of World Languages, candidate of filology.