To new heights of prog­ress with Ar­ka­dag

1 April 2022

The ne­west his­to­ry of in­de­pen­dent, per­ma­nent­ly Neut­ral Turk­me­nis­tan, gover­ned by our He­ro Ar­ka­dag is de­fi­ned as the Revival of the new Epoch of the Po­wer­ful Sta­te.

Accor­ding to the far­sigh­ted and scien­ti­fical­ly con­fir­med po­licy of our He­ro Ar­ka­dag to en­su­re the po­li­tical, econo­mic, social and ot­her rights and free­doms of every per­son of our Mot­her­land, to strengt­hen the de­mocra­tic norms and le­gal foun­da­tions of the count­ry and society we­re de­fi­ned as the prio­ri­ties of our sta­te po­licy.

Aman­gel­di BAY­GEL­DIYEV,
Se­nior Teacher, can­di­da­te of phi­lo­sop­hical sciences, of the Acade­my of Sta­te Service un­der the Pre­si­dent of Turk­me­nis­tan.