The scientific account of the turkmen history

22 November 2021

Writing perfect works connected with our glorious history, art the roots of which go back to ancient times, and about social life gives a good example to our people. We can see it on the example of the book «Turkmenistan — the Heart of the Great Silk Road» written by our esteemed President.

In all the periods of the history our people looked upon the book with a special respect and love. They loved the book as the means of concentrating the spiritual-moral values of the people in it, immortalizing them. In the beginning of this wonderful work highly appreciating the book as the transforming power of the society our Hero Arkadag wrote: «The book is like the candle brought into the dark room. The historical books enlighten the darkness of the past. They satisfy the aspiration, desire of people to reach clarity, to find out the truth. That’s why the human generations admire the books and works with deep content. The book is the fruit of science, flower of culture. If books are published much, both science and culture will also flourish. If science flourishes, our history will flourish, the fates of the whole humanity will flourish, our present, future will turn into a flower garden».

English teacher of the secondary school 8 in the city of Turkmenbashy.