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President of Turkmenistan takes part in flower-laying ceremony at Independence Monument

«7/24 tm» № 40 (175) 02.10.2023 The Turkmen people, solidary and united in their aspirations, whose life in the present epoch is illuminated by the inspiration of constructive endeavours and creativity, celebrated the glorious 32nd anniversary of sacred independence of the Fatherland in the Happy Youth with Arkadag Serdar Year with a feeling of immense pride.

New citizens of Turkmenistan receive passports

«7/24 tm» № 40 (175) 02.10.2023 Turkmenistan citizenship has been granted to 1,301 stateless persons. The President of Turkmenistan signed the relevant Decree at the expanded government meeting.

World Tourism Day

«7/24 tm» № 40 (175) 02.10.2023  World Tourism Day was established by the General Assembly of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) in 1979 in the Spanish city of Torremolinos and is observed annually on September 27. This date was chosen to celebrate the adoption of the UNWTO Statutes on this day in 1970.

Birthday of Google search engine

«7/24 tm» № 40 (175) 02.10.2023 The Google search engine celebrates its birthday on September 27. However, the reason for choosing the date to celebrate the birthday of the popular search engine remains a mystery. The fact is that the domain was registered on September 15, 1997, Google Inc. was registered on September 7, 1998, and the search engine began operating in 2000. Until 2006, the Google search engine celebrated its birthday on different dates.

Arkadag city to host Central Asian Film Festival

«7/24 tm» № 39 (174) 25.09.2023 The Film Festival «Arkadagyň säheri» with the participation of Central Asian countries is scheduled to be held in the city of Arkadag on October 14-15. Preparations for this event were discussed at the meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers of Turkmenistan held on Saturday. The main goal of the film festival is to identify young talents, develop Turkmen cinema art, patriotic education of young people, as well as to familiarize the world community with the possibilities of the digital system and equipment with advanced technologies of the city of Arkadag, expand fruitful cooperation with foreign partners.

Today is football, today is a holiday, today is celebration!

«7/24 tm» № 39 (174) 25.09.2023 The poem Novruz that belongs to the pen of the outstanding Turkmen poet and great statesman Bairam Han (1501-1561) has been passed from mouth to mouth for 5 centuries. If many singers, storytellers and copyists of this beautiful poetic work were transferred magically to our days, they would see that today’s generation is inspired by the immortal lines of Novruz by Bairam Han Shahir.

World Car-free Day

«7/24 tm» № 39 (174) 25.09.2023 World Car-Free Day, celebrated annually in many countries on September 22, aims to promote the idea of walking, cycling and using public transport.

Ahal prepares for its first Champions League match

«7/24 tm» № 38 (173) 18.09.2023 The champions of Turkmenistan Ahal are participating in the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Champions League Group Stage.

International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer

«7/24 tm» № 38 (173) 18.09.2023 In 1994, the UN General Assembly, by its Resolution, proclaimed September 16 to be the International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer. The date was set to commemorate the date when the Montreal Protocol (1987) on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer was signed and has been celebrated since 1995.

Preparations for Expo 2023 Doha are underway

«7/24 tm» № 38 (173) 18.09.2023 The life of society is in any case directly connected with the environment and nature. Nature around us is our home. Therefore, one of the main responsibilities of all people living on Earth is to protect every part of it, understand its value and pass it on to future generations. Protecting and preserving the environment is a global issue. Currently, the world community is implementing many programmes in this area.

The largest libraries in the World

«7/24 tm» № 38 (173) 18.09.2023 Library of Congress. It is located in the capital of the United States, Washington DC. Its collections contain more than 173 million items, and it has more than 3,000 employees. Its collections are universal, not limited by subject, format or national boundary, and include research materials from all parts of the world in more than 470 languages. It serves as the library and research service of the U.S. Congress and the de facto national library of the United States. The library, founded in 1800, is the United States’s oldest federal cultural institution. The library occupies three buildings on Capitol Hill.

The Romanian team became the winner of the World Team Beach Sambo Championship 2023

«7/24 tm» № 38 (173) 18.09.2023 The Romanian team won gold medals on the second day of the World Beach Sambo Championships in the team tournament. The second place was taken by the Kazakhstan team, the sambists from Costa Rica and the FIAS 1 team took third place.

Un International holidays

«7/24 tm» № 38 (173) 18.09.2023 United Nations Day for South-South Cooperation

Eighth issue of Arkadagly Ýaşlar Magazine released

«7/24 tm» № 37 (172) 11.09.2023 The new issue of the magazine opens with the winged words addressed to the youth. The poem by our hero Arkadag «Pähim-paýhas ummany Magtymguly Pyragy» was presented to the readers as well.

International Literacy Day

«7/24 tm» № 37 (172) 11.09.2023 International Literacy Day is one of the international days celebrated in the United Nations system.

International Day of Clean Air for blue skies

«7/24 tm» № 37 (172) 11.09.2023 One of the commemorative dates of the United Nations – the International Day of Clean Air for blue skies was designated September 7. In 2020, it was celebrated for the first time.

International Day of Charity

«7/24 tm» № 37 (172) 11.09.2023 The International Day of Charity, established by the Resolution of the UN General Assembly on March 7, 2013, is observed each year on September 5.

UNESCO Club to be set up at Aba Annaev International Horse Breeding Academy

«7/24 tm» № 36 (171) 04.09.2023 The creation of a UNESCO Club »Ahalteke Horses – Ambassadors of Peace» at Aba Annaev International Horse Breeding Academy was included in the agenda of the regular meeting of the Turkmenistan National Commission for UNESCO, which was chaired by Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers, Minister of Foreign Affairs Rashid Meredov.

Road Safety Month starts in Turkmenistan

«7/24 tm» № 36 (171) 04.09.2023 On September 1, the monthly campaign entitled Road Safety – Safety of Our Life started in Turkmenistan. The annual action, held from 1 to 30 September, aims to reduce road traffic accidents and raise awareness of road safety measures among all road users. The slogan of the campaign – Road Safety – Safety of Our Lives meets the goals.

World Beach Sambo Championships 2023 announcement

«7/24 tm» № 36 (171) 04.09.2023 The World Beach SAMBO Championships 2023 will be held in the Dominican Republic from 9 to 10 September. National teams from around the world will compete for victory on the beach of Juan Dolio. Competitions will be held in Beach SAMBO among men and women, as well as in a team tournament.