Turkmenistan — the land of lifelong friendship

26 November 2021

Independence has much more great meaning than one could express it within the framework of just one article. However, it could be stated that independence is to live your own life, to stand on your feet and to define your destiny by yourself. Independence enables to protect your national feeling which has great power to stand as a nation. From the view of history, three decades are not so long time to prove oneself as a developed state and gain high reputation in international arena. However, our country — Permanent Neutral and Independent Turkmenistan has declared itself as the land of prosperity, benevolence and peace.
May stand long Permanent Neutral and Independent Turkmenistan as world stands!

On the 6th of August of 2021, the year declared as «Turkmenistan — Homeland of Peace and Trust» multilateral international events were held at the «Avaza» National Tourism Zone. Within the framework of these highly organized events there were Consultative Meeting of the Leaders of Central Asia, Women’s Dialogue of the States of Central Asia, International Exhibition of National Products of Central Asian countries, The Economic Forum of Central Asian Countries, The International Festival of the National Cuisines of Central Asian countries, and gala-concert of culture and art masters of the Region in honor of the Leaders of Central Asian countries. All of these large-scaled events took place at magnificent Avaza on that day.

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