From the Traveller’s Notebook

18 June 2021

The sanctuaries of Myane Baba and Myalik Baba have always been places of pilgrimage. Our group decided to visit those places, the ancient city of Abiverd and the mausoleum of Sandykly Baba. Early in the morning, a bus with tourists left the city, heading for Tejen. It was dark and quiet in the bus, many tourists were dozing, and the bus was driving us further and further away from home.

We made our first stop in Dushak. Then we saw the familiar blue gate! A guide Abdurahman Eserov greeted us there and invited to the room, where members of the international expedition that had conducted archaeological excavations in the ancient city that had existed in the 11th century were depicted on the wall. The people from different nationalities, French, German, British, Italian, Chinese and Russian, worked there. Everything they found became exhibits of the State Museum of the State Cultural Centre of Turkmenistan.

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