Before Going to the Resort — call 119

4 June 2021

In the Avaza national tourism zone, everything is ready to receive tourists who will start arriving there on June 1. On the first day of summer, all hotels and recreation centres, cottage villages and health resorts for adults and children will open their doors, starting the summer season.

As you know, the idea of creating a world-class resort on the ecologically clean coast of the Caspian Sea belongs to President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov. It was announced in May 2007, and two months later, the presentation of the first projects for construction in the allotted territory in the National tourism zone took place. Today, only 14 years later, this “paradise” of the Turkmen seaside is well known not only among the Turkmen people, for whom Avaza is a favourite vacation spot, but also among numerous foreign tourists who have appreciated the comfort and high service level of the luxury hotels and recreation centres of the sea resort. Besides, in the health centres of hotels and health resorts, fitted with the latest medical equipment and physiotherapy aparatus from leading European manufacturers, one can receive advice from qualified medical specialists and take a course of therapeutic and prophylactic procedures, including the use of healing clay, iodine-bromine water and other “natural healers”.

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