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Ru­les of con­duct in pub­lic places and trans­port

To­day, per­haps, everyo­ne knows about the im­por­tance of ob­serving the ru­les of per­so­nal hy­gie­ne, since clean­li­ness is al­ways a key to health. Main­tai­ning per­so­nal and pub­lic hy­gie­ne prevents the spread of in­fectious di­sea­ses. Viral in­fections are known to be trans­mit­ted through clo­se and pro­lon­ged con­tacts, for examp­le, if you are less than two met­res away from a per­son with signs of ill­ness. Anot­her way is air­bor­ne, if an in­fected per­son snee­zes or coughs, the virus can be trans­mit­ted di­rectly to the mucous memb­ra­nes of the no­se, mouth, or eyes of ot­her peop­le. One mo­re way of trans­mis­sion is through your hands, which can be expo­sed to in­fectious drop­lets from coug­hing and snee­zing, or if you touch a sur­face and then touch your face, mouth, no­se, or eyes.

Both Thorny and Healing

People say that where camelthorn grows, a doctor is not required. This amazing plant, well adapted to the hot climate, is described in detail by President Gurbanguly ­Berdimuhamedov in his scientific and encyclopaedic work Medicinal Plants of Turkmenistan, highlighting the importance of camelthorn in the prevention and treatment of many diseases, in particular, radiculitis, diseases of internal organs and other ailments.

A source of happy life

Great work is underway in Turkmenistan to protect human health, which is the most valuable asset of the country and society, to improve the health of our compatriots, and to prevent diseases. This fact is fully confirmed by the successful implementation of the Saglyk State Programme and by the quality of facilities and public medical services. The President of Turkmenistan contributes to the improvement of the national healthcare system based on the world’s best practices. The International Burn Centre and the Aesthetic Centre in Ashgabat, the Bagabat Sanatorium in Ak Bugday Etrap, and the Infectious Diseases Hospital in Yzgant, Gokdepe Etrap, Ahal Velayat, as well as other medical institutions in Velayats, were opened and put into operation in recent years. To date, the active construction of such facilities indicates that the infrastructure of national healthcare system is developed. These facilities provide high-quality medical services to our people through the use of the most advanced methods in the health protection, in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases.

Effectiveness of vaccination against COVID-19

Vaccination is the most reliable way to protect the population from severe course of COVID -19. By the end of 2021, in the developed countries of the world, a total of at least 77% of the population had already received a full dose of the vaccine. This means that more than 1 billion people around the world are immune to the coronavirus. According to scientific data, antibodies in the blood of people who have had coronavirus can be detected more than a year after infection. Those who had severe COVID-19 had higher antibody titers than those who had only mild symptoms. Based on the above data, the study of antiviral anti-SARS-CoV-2 antibodies is a very urgent problem for effective organization of anti-epidemic measures aimed at combating COVID-19.

Improvement of therapeutic and restorative methods in newborns with necrotizing enterocolitis

Necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC) of newborns is a serious problem, as the development of which depends on the health of a mother, the course of pregnancy, childbirth, and their complications, and the peculiarity of approaches to treatment [5, 8, 11-13]. NEC in newborns occurs in 7-30% of cases [1-3, 14]. According to the clinical course, NEC is divided into 4 stages – fulminant, acute, subacute and recurrent types [1, 4, 15].

Significance of daily monitoring of arterial pressure in patients with rheumatoid arthritis

Understanding the role of inflammation in the pathogenesis and destabilization of arterial hypertension (AH), on the one hand, and on the other hand, a significant prolongation of the life of patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) due to the development of modern and highly effective genetically engineered biological drugs and prohypertensive effect of most antirheumatic drugs, primarily NSAIDs and glucocorticoids, further actualize the problem of RA and AH comorbidity [2, 4, 7, 8]. Analysis of the results of diurnal blood pressure profile (DBPP) makes it possible to calculate the average values of BP per day, during daytime and at night, BP variability, assess dynamics of decrease in BP at night compared to daytime, and the level of BP in the morning [1, 3, 5].

Risk factors in patients with cardiac ischemia

The urgency of the problem is determined by the high incidence of a disease, duration of the course and severe clinical manifestations, as well as high disability [2, 3]. Currently, the study of this problem is one of the most important areas of medical science and practice in Turkmenistan. The aim of the work is the study influence of risk factors on the course of the disease in patients with coronary heart disease.

Clinical studies of live dried plague vaccine

Live dried plague vaccine is used to prevent plague and provides specific immunity for one year. The vaccine provides protection against typical and atypical species of Y.pestis bacteria, forms a working immunity against all parietal antigens of the microorganism [3, 8]. The aim of the work is to conduct clinical studies and determine the effectiveness of experimentally created live dried plague vaccine.

Modern methods for the treatment of HER2-positive breast cancer

In recent years, there has been an increase in the incidence of breast cancer (BC) in women in all economically developed countries. Currently, 6,4 million women with BC, who have been living for 5 years or more are registered. According to the latest scientific literature, the incidence of BC has increased by 20%, and mortality by 14% [2, 5, 7, 13]. Treatment of HER2-positive BC is a complex and significant task in practical and scientific oncology.

Introduction of intraoperative neuromonitoring in neurosurgical operations

Intraoperative neuromonitoring (IONM) is a modern technology developed specifically to ensure the safety of surgical operations and qualitatively change the level of surgical care. The purpose of the technology is to protect nervous system, which helps to avoid any risk of internal trauma or iatrogenic damage, vital functions are controlled, namely: motor, somatosensory, auditory, visual functions, throughout the entire surgical operation. Despite the improvement of surgical technique, the risks of neurological complications remain [1]. Thus, the frequency of neurological complications, depending on the method of surgical treatment used, ranges from 0,37 to 10% [2]. The development of such complications can be caused not only by direct mechanical damage, stretching or compression of nerve structures, but also by a violation of vascular supply of a spinal cord, which is associated with peculiarities of its blood supply [3, 4]. The use of intraoperative neuromonitoring (IONM) makes it possible to prevent such situations [5].

Protect Yourself from Seasonal Illness

In the autumn-winter period, the most widespread diseases are acute respiratory viral infections (ARVI), which are associated with a number of reasons. One of them is a decrease in immunity because of hypothermia of the body, a lack of vitamins, prolonged stay in closed and poorly ventilated rooms, where the concentration of viruses increases much faster, among others. How to protect ourselves and our relatives from ARVI? The answer to this question is very simple – each of us must observe the rules of personal hygiene and be an example in this to our children. Given that seasonal diseases, in particular ARVI, are transmitted by airborne droplets, it is necessary to lubricate the nasal cavity with oxolinic ointment every morning.

Morning Exercises - a Charge of Vivacity for the Whole Day

If you decide to start building your day according to the rules of a healthy lifestyle, don’t forget about morning exercises available to everyone. We know them since childhood. Today, the Director at the Information Centre of the Ministry of Health and the Medical Industry of Turkmenistan Ogulmahri GELDIYEVA speaks about the importance of morning exercises: “Morning exercises are one of the best ways to increase vitality, to raise immunity and to improve physical fitness. In addition, morning exercises are a hygienic procedure, as it helps the body become more active after sleep, gain vigour, adjust all systems and functions of the body for the upcoming activities during the working day. Morning exercises are available to absolutely everyone. If the morning exercises are chosen correctly, they can benefit not only healthy people, but also those who suffer from any diseases.

Prophylaxis and Vaccinations to Protect from Colds and ARVI

The Turkmen winter is characterised by sharp changes in temperature, cloudy days and a time when it is necessary to pay special attention to health and protect ourselves from colds and ARVI. Here are some tips from the Director at the Information Centre of the Ministry of Health and the Medical Industry Ogulmahri Geldiyeva. “First of all, it must be remembered that the path of spread of acute respiratory viral infections is airborne. However, a person can become infected when shaking hands, through bedding, toys and other common household items.

Wellness and health

The concern for the people who are the most valuable asset in our country is in line with the motto ‘the State is for the People’ used by the Turkmen leader. On the initiative of the President of Turkmenistan, large-scale work is underway in our country to ensure the well-being of people. The institutions of higher education host promotional meetings on a regular basis. The participants of the meetings noted that the Saglyk State Programme is successfully implemented under the leadership of the President of Turkmenistan, that sports help people to use their leisure time more efficiently and to strengthen their health, and that regular exercises have a positive effect on thinking, attention and memory of a person. They discussed in detail that physical culture forms effective personality traits, namely, will, diligence, positive relations, and social activity. At the meetings, experts recommend to wear a medical mask, to keep the distance of 2 meters in public places, to comply with the requirements of personal hygiene, to drink enough water and herbal teas during the day, and to eat vitamin-rich fruits and vegetables.

To be healthy and strong

Considering the weather conditions in winter, people should pay attention to the features of the season. Due to the change in dust particles in the air, experts recommend to wear a medical mask, to comply with the requirements of personal hygiene, and to keep the distance of 2 meters in public places to prevent the negative effects on the human body. Well-balanced diet, strict adherence to the hygiene rules, the teas made from medicinal plants growing in our country, especially from the liquorice root, strengthen the human immunity.

Personal Hygiene Rules

Human skin protects the entire body from all kinds of environmental influences. Keeping the skin clean is extremely important, because in addition to protection, it performs thermoregulatory, metabolic, immune, secretory, receptor, respiratory and other functions. To maintain the cleanliness of the skin, and, accordingly, to ensure its full-fledged “work” to protect the body, it is necessary to bathe daily in warm water. Also, keep your hands and nails clean. Dirt from hands containing disease-causing microbes can enter the mouth through food. Dysentery, for example, like many other ailments, is called the “dirty hands” disease. Hands should be washed before and after going to the toilet, before and after eating and after contacts with animals. If you are on the road, then you need to wipe your hands with a damp cloth or use disinfectants or sprays to eliminate at least some of the germs.

President of Turkmenistan visits Ashgabat Olympic Town

«Türkmenistan Sport», № 4, 2021 On  November 20, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, as usual, began his day with morning exercises, and then visited the Ashgabat Olympic Town, where he worked out on fitness equipment, as well as various sports with his associates.

Remember good hygiene practices

«Türkmenistan Sport», № 4, 2021 It is very important to protect yourself and your family and reduce the spread of diseases during the epidemic of acute viral respiratory infections. Each of us is able to do this by following the rules of disease prevention.

Licorice root – the source of health

«7/24.tm», № 02 (85), 10.01.2022. Employees of the Buýan agro-industrial complex of the Türkmendermansenagat association of the Ministry of Health and Medical Industry of Turkmenistan, located in the city of Turkmenabat, are celebrating the new year 2022 with significant labor achievements. Over the past year, from more than 2960 tons of purified licorice root, 680 tons of dry and 610 tons of thick extract were produced. The plan was fulfilled by 118.7%.

Compliance with Hygiene Rules Is a key to Your Health

Today we talk much about the rules of personal hygiene, since cleanliness is always a guarantee of health. Compliance with personal and public hygiene prevents the spread of a huge number of infectious diseases transmitted through dirty hands, household items and airborne droplets. Personal hygiene – regularly washing hands, observing coughing and sneezing etiquette and keeping social, safe, distance – is a paramount condition of the present time. Hands must be thoroughly washed under running water with soap, having soaped well for at least 30 seconds, it is necessary to clean the back, palmar surfaces, interdigital spaces and nail beds. Then rinse with running water and wipe dry. In the absence of water, disinfectant solutions should be used to disinfect hands.