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Success of international initiatives

The Resolution ‘Integration of mainstream bicycling into public transportation systems for sustainable development’ was adopted at the 61st plenary meeting of the 76th Session of the UN General Assembly at the initiative of Turkmenistan. With the adoption of the document, the UN declares that the global community recognizes and fully supports international measures such as promoting the importance of bicycles in society and organizing cycling rides as important means of physical and mental health. This fact demonstrates that Turkmenistan successfully pursues the state policy aimed at strengthening peace, friendship and fruitful cooperation in the region and in the world.

Smile to spring sun and nature

Spring is one of the most favourite seasons of the year for most people. The sun, warmth and the first green leaves can improve mood. Though it becomes much warmer in the spring, the risk of catching a cold at this time of the year is much higher than during other seasons. This is due both to seasonal changes in the human immune system and to the environmental factors which suppress the body’s natural defences. In the spring, the human immune system is often weakened substantially, also because of vitamin and other nutrient deficiencies. Therefore, our body is unable to actively fight colds and acute respiratory infections.

Spring without colds

«7/24.tm», № 15 (98), 11.04.2022. In the spring, our body that has been weakened during the long winter is not always able to resist acute respiratory viral infections. That is why it is very important to pay attention to prevention at this time of the year.

Fo­od Qua­li­ty – Everyo­ne’s Concern

Fo­od sa­fe­ty is a sha­red res­pon­si­bi­li­ty of the sta­te, pro­ducers and con­su­mers. Everyo­ne who accom­pa­nies them on their jour­ney from farm to tab­le has a special ro­le in kee­ping them sa­fe and healt­hy. Ma­ny fo­od pro­ducts, such as fruit and vege­tab­les, are con­su­med raw, whi­le ot­hers are ris­ky to eat unp­roces­sed. Cer­tain fo­od pro­ducts that are con­su­med in raw form require care­ful proces­sing.

Population immunity of the population of Turkmenistan to COVID-19 after "Sputnik-V" vaccination

To assess the effectiveness of ongoing anti-epidemic measures against COVID-19, objective methods are needed to determine anti-coronavirus population immunity using modern methods, which is an important issue in modern epidemiology. The aim of the work is to determine the level and duration of population immunity against COVID-19 after vaccination “GamKowidVak”.

The study of thyroid volume in schoolchildren of Ashgabat city

Thyroid diseases are among the most common endocrine diseases in children and adolescents [4]. Iodine deficiency diseases are among the most common non-communicable human diseases. The high incidence of thyroid pathology in the population is associated with an increased risk of developing and chronicizing somatic pathology in individuals of different age groups. Health of children and adolescents requires attention, since the consequences of negative tendency in the state of younger generation concern the future of the country. Given the relevance of this problem, the study of thyroid status of children and adolescents is an important task.

Analysis of hospital incidence with uveitis

Over the past decade, a steady increase in the incidence of uveitis has been observed in the world, while young people and people of working age make up the bulk of the cases [3, 7]. Uveitis, being one of the most severe inflammatory eye diseases, is characterized by a variety of etiological factors, complexity of pathogenesis, and the frequency of complications. The aim of the work is to analyze the hospital incidence of uveitis of different types.

Use of turkmen silk with biologically active properties in surgical practice

The task of creating and improving existing suture materials is one of the most urgent problems of surgery. In-depth specialization of various areas of surgery which is typical of the modern stage, has led to the need to develop a variety of suture materials with specific properties [5, 6]. The aim of the work is an experimental study of Turkmen silk by studying the physical and mechanical properties and the biological response of various tissues to natural silk in surgical practice.

Results of experimental use of two-phase nutrient media in diagnosis of haemophilus influenza

Haemophili are microorganisms of the family Pasteurellaceae of the genus Haemophilus. Microorganisms of the genus Haemophilus often cause various forms and severity of haemophilus influenza in the elderly, children under the age of five, and in immunocompromised patients. When identifying microorganisms of the genus Haemophilus, there are some difficulties associated with the study of biochemical properties. Proceeding from this task, it is important to carry out bacteriological analyses using reagents and nutrient media that are encountered daily in the practice of medical bacteriology.

The role of labrocytes in morphogenesis of chronic catarrhal gingivitis in children with dentoalveolar anomalies

In the scientific literature of recent years, the role of labrocytes (LC) in the pathogenesis of chronic catarrhal gingivitis (CCG) and other diseases of the oral cavity, including tumors, has been widely discussed [2, 12-14, 16, 18]. In inflammatory periodontal diseases or other pathogenic influences, all types of LC occur, the differences are only quantitative [2, 6, 14, 17]. At the same time, there are no data in the published literature on the number of LCs and their role in the development of CCG in children with dentoalveolar anomalies (DAA).

Morphometric parameters of excavation of optic disk and ganglion cell complex in primary open-angle glaucoma

Glaucoma is one of the most urgent problems in ophthalmology, which is of great medical and social importance due to the high prevalence and severity of complications of the disease, often leading to blindness and disability. Particular attention is paid to the analysis of damage to optic disk and three inner layers of retina that make up the ganglion cell complex (GCC): layers of nerve fibers, ganglion cells and inner plexiform layer, representing axons, cell bodies (somes) and dendrites of the ganglion cells, respectively [6]. The study of these parameters at various stages of glaucoma is relevant.

Regular diagnosis and personal hygiene to prevent diseases

Among modern medical institutions, a special place is occupied by diagnostic centres. They specialise exclusively in making diagnoses. For this, the latest techniques are used, examinations are carried out using highly sensitive equipment, and the conclusion is given by experienced doctors with specialised qualifications. At diagnostic centres, you can undergo computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, ultrasound and X-ray examination, fluorography and mammography. Devices for such kinds of diagnostics can give a complete picture of the state of the organs under examination. A number of examinations should be carried out annually for preventive purposes. This makes it possible to detect deviations from the norm in time and avoid many problems. Diagnostic examination can be undergone at any medical institution in the country. For examinations at the medical centre, you need to provide a passport, a medical insuranсe and a referral from a doctor. Sometimes a doctor sends a patient to a specialised medical institution, fitted with more accurate equipment compared to that used in that institution, to clarify the diagnosis.

Personal hygiene

«7/24.tm», № 13 (96), 28.03.2022. Personal hygiene is one of the components of a healthy lifestyle. First, it concerns your oral health. You need to brush your teeth at least twice a day, and pay attention to oral cavity hygiene. Failure to follow these rules not only leads to the development of dental caries, but also increases your risk of periodontitis and gastrointestinal disorders.

Healthy lifestyle

«7/24.tm», № 13 (96), 28.03.2022.  Today, everyone from young to old knows that living a healthy lifestyle is essential to maintaining good health. This is not only a special diet or sports activities, but also a range of measures to improve health and prevent pathological processes in the body. Following the healthy living rules can significantly increase life expectancy and improve the quality of your life.

Healing Turkmen Liquorice

For more than 5,000 years, the Turkmen people have been using liquorice root as a medicine in the fight against various ailments. This miracle plant is first mentioned in ancient Chinese treatises and in the writings of the great Abu Ali ibn Sina, known in Europe as Avicenna. He emphasised that “the cure for diseases grows in the homeland.” Other prominent scientists of the past also wrote their scientific works about liquorice that has received unconditional recognition and have been used in Western and Eastern culture as a medicinal plant for several millennia.

Gifts of Na­tu­re for Your Health

Do you know that in ancient ti­mes, when peop­le did not know an­ti­bio­tics and ot­her synt­he­tic drugs, the gifts of na­tu­re hel­ped them ta­ke care of their health? To­day, the­se tra­di­tions of na­tu­ral hea­ling and preven­ting various di­sea­ses re­main im­por­tant. This is il­lust­ra­ted by the scien­ti­fic works of the lea­ding scien­tists of the world on the hea­ling po­wer of the gifts of na­tu­re. In this con­text, a special ro­le be­longs to the the­ma­tic se­ries of books Me­dicinal Plants of Turk­me­nis­tan by Gurbanguly Ber­di­mu­ha­me­dov. But not on­ly me­dicinal plants have hea­ling pro­per­ties, but al­so ot­her gifts of ge­ne­rous na­tu­re that help imp­rove health and ga­in strength and vigour for an active and full-blood li­fe. Onion from seven ail­ments

Turkmenistan is a blossoming garden

Our country has turned into a blossoming garden, and besides the natural beauty of our Motherland, great efforts are made to ensure ecological balance. In this context, great work is underway in the frameworks of the National Climate Change Strategy of Turkmenistan and the National Forestry Programme of Turkmenistan, developed thanks to the great concern of the President of Turkmenistan. Besides, the traditional tree-planting campaign should be noted. Thus, artificial forest belts and parks are spread all over our beloved Motherland. These green zones have become an integral part of nature, impressing the guests of our country.

Du­ring Colds, Dried Fruit to Help Strengt­hen Health

Dried ap­ricots, pru­nes and ot­her dried fruit are so­urces rich in mi­ne­rals, vita­mins and acids that is neces­sa­ry for every per­son to main­tain me­ta­bo­lic proces­ses. Much has be­en sa­id about the be­ne­fits of dried fruit, it is recom­men­ded to rep­lace sweets with them for child­ren; they are al­so go­od for rep­ro­ductive health. When choo­sing and buying dried fruit, it is im­por­tant to pay at­ten­tion to their lo­ok. High-qua­li­ty fruit are who­le, wit­hout cracks and mould. If pos­sib­le, touch dried fruit. They should be elas­tic and re­si­lient, not dry. For examp­le, go­od rai­sins are black or brown, dried ap­ricots have a pa­le oran­ge hue and qua­li­ty pru­nes have a glos­sy sheen and a bluish tint.

Prop­hy­laxis every day

at any ti­me of the year, it is neces­sa­ry to re­gu­lar­ly strengt­hen the pro­tective functions of the bo­dy in or­der to re­sist colds. To do this, you ne­ed to fol­low the well-known princip­les of a healt­hy li­fes­ty­le. To adults:

Health is the most valuable wealth

To date, the world community recognizes the positive results of the work carried out for the development of this principle at new level under the wise leadership of the President of Turkmenistan in the epoch of might and happiness. The Turkmen leader said: ‘The health of people is the wealth of the country. Turkmenistan pays great attention to the development of mass physical education, the Olympic movement, and sports in the epoch of might and happiness. Our country has been upholding the principles of our people, such as the upbringing of physically and mentally healthy generations’. These words is a wonderful fact of our life. It was a great pleasure and pride for the Turkmen people to be informed by representatives of the European Regional Office of the World Health Organization, who recently visited Turkmenistan and appreciated the work being done in the field of human health in our country. Foreign experts analysed the work carried out in the frameworks of the Saglyk State Programme developed by the Turkmen leader, primarily in the field of sanitation and disease prevention, laboratory diagnostics, clinical examination of patients, prevention and control and praised the efforts of Turkmenistan. This fact evidenced that the principle ‘the state is for the people!’ is successful. As is known, the mass physical education and sports are very important in protecting,