The President of Turkmenistan congratulates military and law enforcement personnel on the Motherland’s Defender Day

28 January 2021


“Let me extend my cordial congratulations on the Motherland’s Defender Day, which is observed on the first days of the year, which slogan is “Turkmenistan – Home of Peace and Trust”! This holiday is a symbol of big trust, unlimited respect and care of the personnel of military and law enforcement structures who protect sovereignty, constitutional order and integrity of the State border of our independent and neutral Turkmenistan, provide security of the country, peace, fulfilment of national legislation and public order”, - the celebration message of President, Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces of the country Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov says.

“Independence and neutrality are two wings of Turkmen state. This is a colossal power leading our Motherland to new heights of progress”, - the message says.

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