Session of the Government: outcomes of 6 months, measures of financial stability, priorities of social and economic development

President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov held extended session of the Cabinet of Ministers where representatives of National Parliament, heads of ministries and departments, high educational institutes, mass media, heads of Administration of Ashgabat and regions and their deputies have been invited. Outcomes of development of branches of national economy for 6 months of the year have been summed up, relative reports have been listened and evaluation of performed work has been made as well realization of the programmes of social and economic development of the country has been discussed, priority objectives have been specified for the second half of the year and personnel issues have been reviewed at the session.

Election of Turkmenistan as Vice-Chair of the 75th session of the UN General Assembly - significant success of foreign policy

As reported by the Permanent Mission of Turkmenistan to the United Nations, on June 29, 2020, our country was elected as Vice-Chair of the upcoming 75th session of the UN General Assembly. Thus, the close partnership of Turkmenistan with the UN has received a new impetus, primarily in the context of the implementation of important international initiatives put forward by President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov.

The path of Haajji-Arkadag – the path of people

What does it mean to be a leader of a nation, a country? This is not just a position or a title. This is the embodiment of the national unity based on trust, commitment to çommon values and a çommon vision of goals. President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov proclaimed a person as the main value of the state, and the well-being and happiness of his native people as the goal of the independent development of our country. The Turkmen leader is confidently leading the country towards this goal, opening new horizons for growth, marking the path with important and great achievements.

President of Turkmenistan congratulates winners of the contest Türkmeniň Altyn asyry-2020

“I congratulate you on the victory in the contest Türkmeniň Altyn asyry in the year, the motto of which is“ Turkmenistan is the Motherland of Neutrality”! I wish you good health, family well-being, great success in your work!” - says President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, addressing cultural figures, masters of arts and journalists, awarded with honorary titles, as well as the winners of the “Türkmeniň Altyn Asyry” creative contest. According to the President of Turkmenistan, the comprehensive development of independent neutral Turkmenistan, increase of the economic potential of the country as well as the integrated digital transformation are prioritized by the state policy and ongoing reforms. Along with other industries, special attention is paid to the development of the cultural sphere.

The President of Turkmenistan holds session on improvement of activity of cultural and mass media spheres

President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov held working video conference session with participation of Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers B. Abdiyeva, who is in charge of cultural and mass media sphere, Press Secretary of the President of Turkmenistan K. Chariyardurdiyev, Chairman of the State News Agency of the country B. Amansariyev and Chairman of the Board of the Peace Fund of Turkmenistan M. Sariyeva. Matters related to organization of ceremonies on occasion of the anniversary of permanent neutrality of the country, popularization of success achieved in all sectors of national economy as well as wide demonstration of importance of constructive initiatives proposed by Turkmenistan have been brought out for discussion.

Seven districts report on fulfilment of assignments on delivery of wheat to the state

Grain producers of Turkmenistan has a hot time. The wheat harvest is speeding up every day. Seven districts have reported on fulfilment of obligations on delivery of grain to the state on June 24. Farmers of Ak Bugday district, Ahal Region are among the leaders of the harvest campaign. More than 69,000 tons of grain have been reaped in the historical birth place of Turkmen wheat. Good yield was produced in Serkakhs district where 41,000 tons of wheat was harvested. More than 21,500 tons of grain have been delivered in Gyoktepe district.

Third day of the Week of Culture 2020: aspects of development of library services, theatre premiere and concert programmes

Among the main events of the third day of the Week of Culture held in the Dashoguz Velayat were opening of the exhibition of printed materials, a thematic scientific conference, a play of Nurmuhammed Andalib Musical and Drama Theater and a concert. The conferences held in the Dashoguz Velayat Library brought together library specialists and journalists. The exhibition of printed materials was organized in the foyer of the library. The book “Türkmen alabaýy” by President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov occupied a special place in the exposition.

The main objectives of reginal development of the country discussed at video conference session

President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov held video conference session with participation of hyakims of the velayats and Ashgabat. Priorities of integrated development of the regions of the country as well as preparation to the 25th anniversary of Turkmenistan’s neutrality were discussed at the session. First, the Head of the state called Hyakim of Ashgabat Ya. Gylyjov who reported on work for development of the city and support of cleanness of the capital, care of plantations.

Week of Culture 2020: festive start

The solemn ceremony of opening the Week Culture took place in the administrative center of the Dashoguz Velayat. The annual forum is held on occasion of the Day of Workers of Culture and Arts and the Poetry of Magtymguly Fraghi, which is widely celebrated in our country. The opening ceremony took place at the Gorogly Square in front of the Ruhyet Palace.

Outcomes of archeaological season: Unique findings and new facilities of historical landscape

Spring season of archaeologicalresearches of this year was quite effiicent in the aspect of study of itsunrevealed pages of national history, development of culture ofn our people.Restoration works have also been carried out at unique facilities of ancientarchitecture in this period. The results of recent season werereported to President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov at the session of theGovernment on June 19, which indicates important status of this projects andentire big and steadfast work in this direction in general.