Centuries-old traditions and behests of the ancestors – basis for growth in spiritual values

President Gurbanguly Berdimuhammedov gave a sadaqah-agzachar at the Main Mosque of the country, located in Kipchak. It was also atended by the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev, who had arrived in the Turkmen capital. At the Ashgabat International Airport, the Uzbek leader was warmly welcomed, and then he went to the Oguzkhan Presidential Palace Complex. There, the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan was warmly welcomed by the President of Turkmenistan.

Myalikguly Berdimuhamedov (1932–2021)

On April 18, in the holy month of Ramadan, the father of the President of Turkmenistan, Myalikguly Berdimuhamedov passed away at the age of 89. With deep sorrow, the Turkmen people responded to this bitter news. The life of Myalikguly Berdimuhamedov that he devoted to his people and beloved Motherland is an unparalleled example of humanism and philanthropy. It is an exemplary school for the nation, especially for the younger generation.

Following the Course of Strengthening principles of Democracy

The First Elections of Members of the Halk Maslahaty of the Milli Gengesh of Turkmenistan Held In Turkmenistan, in full compliance with the Constitution, the Electoral Code of Turkmenistan and with the Decision of the Halk Maslahaty, the first elections of members of the Halk Maslahaty of the Milli Gengesh were held.

New dimensions in humanitarian interaction

This year, declared by the UN as the International Year of Peace and Trust on the initiative of Turkmenistan, every day is filled with practical content in the interests of wellbeing, progress and development throughout the world. Women are an important social force that is increasingly manifesting itself at the national, regional and international levels. Among the significant practical steps to support women in achieving broader influence on decision-making processes on issues related to peace, security, stability and sustainable development was the Central Asian forum entitled “The Role of Women in Strengthening Peace, Trust and Security” held in the videoconference format on March 16. The event was initiated by the Government of Turkmenistan and the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE). At the request of the NT correspondent Irina Imamkuliyeva, the results of the forum were commented on by the Ambassador, Head of the OSCE Centre in Ashgabat Natalya DROZD. “First of all, let me express my sincere gratitude to the highly respected President and Government of Turkmenistan for supporting our initiative and ensuring a high level of the organisation of the event. It was a representative conference in every sense of the word. More than 100 representatives from Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Afghanistan, includin

Novruz bayram —holiday of renewal and benevolence

Novruz is annually celebrated in our country on March 21-22, the day of the vernal equinox, and heralds the coming of the New Year. Novruz is one of the oldest holidays that have lived for many centuries in the souls and memory of many nations, including Turkmen people. Today this bright holiday has acquired an international status, embodying the high principles of peace, humanism, diligence, being a symbol of friendship and goodwill. This beautiful, widely celebrated spring holiday contributes to the strengthening of peaceful relations between states and popularizes the historical and cultural traditions of peoples. From times immemorial, Turkmen people have been especially zealous in celebrating numerous national celebrations. For the Turkmen, the words «toy» and «bayram», meaning «celebration» and «holiday» are very important. National holidays spiritually enrich and strengthen the cohesion of the people, give rise to new rituals, customs and traditions that are subsequently passed on from generation to generation. The same attitude is shown to celebration of Novruz Bayram, since the coming of the New Year is considered a sacred event for our people. On the days preceding the holiday and on Novruz itself, various ritual actions are performed, folk customs and traditions are observed. They cover all spheres of the life of society and are carried out in order to ensure

Turkmen leader visits equestrian complex and writes a poem

In the morning, head of the state Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov has visited Ahalteke Equestrian Complex of the President of Turkmenistan. Turkmen leader went to see his horses and after has turned his hand to writing. The news about delivery of the first foal from Akhan, which the head of the state was coaching personally, has been informed to the President of Turkmenistan while his was visiting the complex. The head of the state has accept this news with big enthusiasm. 

Young And Talented Compete

The final round of the annual multi-stage contest entitled “The Most Charming Girl” was held at the Centre for Public Organisations of Turkmenistan in Ashgabat, with the participation of pupils of the second-fourth grades of secondary comprehensive and specialised schools of the country. The organisers of the creative competition, popular among the youngest schoolgirls, aimed at stimulating, revealing and supporting the all-round talents of children, are the Ministry of Education of Turkmenistan and the Central Council of Magtymguly Youth Organisation.

To Glorify a Woman is to Glorify the Motherland and Life Itself

Following the tradition, the celebrations are arranged in Ashgabat on the first days of spring in honour of the winners in the Woman of Year Contest. The Women’s Union of Turkmenistan holds the contest to honour those who make a worthy contribution with their professionalism, talent, creative labour and accomplishments to enhance the welfare of the Motherland, to preserve the national cultural heritage and to bring up the younger generation in the best national traditions and also embody dignity, honour and moral purity. Turkmen women…Tall and slender, they conquer with their unique beauty, bright national costumes and proud posture. This is what travellers wrote about our women. Preserving their identity in the Era of Might and Happiness, our women work with inspiration in various sectors, hold public offices, participate in social life and implement the state programmes with their selfless labour, enhancing the strength of our Motherland.

It Stands Alone on One of the Kopetdag Rocks

A small white mosque located near the town of Serdar, Balkan velayat, is one of the most revered pilgrimage sites in Turkmenistan. Next to it, one can involuntarily feel some kind of extraordinary energy. Perhaps this is somehow connected with a legend about the origin of the shrine. According to it, Parav-bibi was a beautiful woman who lived in one of the settlements at the foothills of the Kopetdag Mountains. One day, nomads attacked her native village. And, probably, the inhabitants of that village would be destined to the same fate that befell other villages after the conquest by foreigners. However, the leader of the invaders was so blinded by the beauty of the girl that he promised not to destroy the village if they gave Parav-bibi to him in return. Upon learning about that, the beauty fled to the mountains on the same day. She ran as long as she had strength, and pressed herself to the stones with her palms. But the enemies who rushed after her did not retreat. And when she was practically exhausted at a huge rock, in despair she asked the higher powers to hide her somewhere. The Almighty heard the prayers of the beauty and the rock parted in front of the girl, forever hiding her in its stone walls. At that place, people built a mosque.

Alabay – a Defender and Loyal Friend

The people of Turkmenistan are proud that on August 31, 2020, at the constituent assembly of the Türkmen Alabaý Itleri Association, an important event took place – granting to the Association international status. Through centuries the breed of the Turkmen dog has been improved both by natural and artificial selection. Therefore, for centuries it has retained its original exterior and a beautiful dense constitution, the shape of which has not changed for more than four thousand years. Being not choosy about his food, the alabay is endlessly loyal to its master and is always ready to help. At the genetic level, it absorbed skills of endurance, selfless protection of herds, round-the-clock service and timely warning of enemy approaching. At the same time, the habits of the alabay combine steadiness, kindness and charm. Our country carefully preserves and respects the richest property of centuries. Today, the work on the breeding of the unique Turkmen breed, a loyal friend and human assistant, is organised at a high level. It is in the fearlessness, the willingness to carry out the service and to give life for the sake of saving flock from predators that the deep attachment and gratitude of the Turkmen people to the faithful and friendly Alabay lie.