Professional master of his profession

History of Turkmenistan comes from millenniums and one of its national value is loyal alabay dogs. It is impossible to imagine the doors of Turkmens without alabay dog, arwana camel and ahalteke horses. We decided to talk in detail about the Turkmen alabay, and to prepare our interview with the professional master Dovletmyrat Kurrukov as mentioned in the article’s title.–Mr Dovletmyrat lets start our conversation with the works of International «Turkmen alabay dogs» association in our country…– As a result of the important humanitarian policy pursued by our Hero Arkadag in the prosperous period of our severing state, the values inherited by our forefathers, in the development of world culture, and helping to develop the world cultures and civilization and leaving them to our next generation is main priority. In modern and sovereign Turkmenistan great attention paid to preserve the national values that our ancestors left for us, and helping to develop the world cultures and civilization and leaving them to our next generation by the efforts of our Esteemed President. International «Turkmen alabay dogs» association initiated by our Arkadag’s efforts. During previous year under the name «Turkmenistan is the Homeland of Neutrality» in May of 2020 Turkmen alabay dogs association is established to preserve the alabay dogs breed, rais

Our pride is limitless

– Our people consider Alabay, like a horse, to be their closest and loyal friend. For many years I have been breeding Alabay. I have had an interest in Alabay since my school years. In those years, despite the fact that lived in a multi-storey building, brought Alabay puppies from the village and made special booths for them. Noticing this interest in me, my father helped me feed and walk them. Now my sons are my closest helpers. They want to continue my hobby. The awarding of honorary titles to some of the country’s dog breeders on the occasion of the Turkmen Alabay Holiday was a joyful event for us. Among them, I was also awarded the honorary title «Türkmenistanyň at gazanan itşynasy (Honored Dog Breeder of Turkmenistan)». I express my deep gratitude to our Hero Arkadag for this. I wish our national Leader, who shows great care for Turkmen dog breeders, good health, long years, further success in his large-scale activities for the benefit of the people and the prosperity of the country.

Our pride is limitless

– A significant event for us was the establishment of a holiday in honor of the Turkmen Alabay, which was celebrated for the first time this year together with the National Day of the Turkmen Horse. On these holidays, in accordance with the Decree of our Hero Arkadag, I was lucky to be awarded the honorary title «Türkmenistanyň at gazanan itşynasy (Honored Dog Breeder of Turkmenistan)». On behalf of all dog breeders of the country, I express my deep gratitude to our national Leader for the high appreciation given to our work and the conferment of the honorary title. I love dogs since childhood and have been breeding them. Now I have several Alabay. They are very brave, loyal, empathetic and hardy. The book of our Hero Arkadag «Turkmen Alabay», containing valuable information about the Alabay, is an invaluable guide for us, dog breeders. I wish health, longevity, success in work to our national Leader, under whose leadership all conditions are created for the growth and preservation of the Turkmen Alabay for future generations.


On April 25, 2021, on the occasion of the National holiday of the Turkmen horse, celebrated for the first time together with the Turkmen Alabay Day, the complex of the International Association «Türkmen alabaý itleri», in Ahal, Balkan, Dashoguz, Lebap, Mary velayats and Ashgabat city, opening ceremonies of Turkmen Alabay centers was held. The new facility was built in one of the picturesque corners of the Kopetdag foothills, since the local landscape is optimal for these purposes. On the territory of the complex, an administrative building, a building for personnel have been erected, a place for rest of employees has been arranged. There are also two utility rooms for Alabay and kennels for 20 places each, utility rooms for feeding dogs, a building for a veterinary service unit and an isolation room. In addition, for walking dogs, as well as for demonstration events, a special area with spectator stands for 1000 seats has been built. Nearby there is a training ground, separated by a fence, intended for training and training animals. There are parking lots for vehicles, including specialized ones for transporting dogs,technical and other auxiliary facilities. The tasks of the complex are to ensure the safety and comfortable keeping of dogs, prevent escaping or getting them injured, observe the vete rinarian and provide veterinary care if necessary, organize timely me


On April 21, 2021, the opening ceremony of the Center of the International Association of Akhal-Teke Horse Breeding and the International Association Turkmen alabay itleri» took place in the capital. This Center has become a worthy contribution to the large-scale work deployed in Turkmenistan under the leadership of our Hero Arkadag in order to preserve, study and widely popularize the world’s richest heritage of the nation. At the initiative of our national Leader, a largescale work is currently being carried out in the country aimed at glorifying the national heritage of the people – the Turkmen Alabay in the world, protecting and breeding them, preserving the population, including at the international level. All conditions have been created for a fundamental study on a scientific basis of the history of this dog breed and national characteristics that has survived to this day. The Turkmen Alabay is turning into an international symbol of loyalty and friendship. Magnificent, perfect in their beauty «paradise» horses and courageous Alabay at all times have been faithful friends and companions of the Turkmen people, their pride and priceless property. Today, the swift Akhal-Teke and the brave Alabay have become a living embodiment of the creative energy with which the Fatherland achieves unprecedented success on the path of fundamental transformations and progress.On the

A Fairy Tale of Silver

At the State Museum of the State Cultural Centre of Turkmenistan a ceremony of awarding the winners of the national contest of jewellery masters, devoted to the 30th anniversary of independence of the Motherland, took place. The organisers of the creative competition were the Ministry of Culture and the Democratic Party of Turkmenistan. In the welcoming words of the participants the importance of preserving the rich cultural and historical heritage of the Turkmen people was emphasised as a topical theme of our time. And how important it is for us, living in the high-tech age, not to lose this priceless gift, burnished by the time and skills of our ancestors and passed on to their descendants as the brightest example of the talent of the people. Remembering ethnic roots and developing traditional national art is the motto of all modern artists who inherited the secrets of ancient masters.

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«7/», № 38 (69),  20.09.2021. In the age of the rapid advance of digital technologies, the internet remains the most accessible source of information.

The «Arkadag» hotel

The wide-scale city-building program carried out in marble coated Ashgabat, the pearl city of Central Asia, greatly changes the main city of our country. The opening ceremony of the «Arkadag» Hotel constructed in one of the most beautiful corners of our capital with the participation of our esteemed President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov is an evident proof of it. The «Arkadag» Hotel constructed according to the order of the Ashgabat City Municipality by the «Bouygues Batiman International» French company amazes with its original decoration and architectural solutions. The hotel constructed in the semicircle form occupies the area of more than 220 thousand square metres. The height of fourteen-storied hotel is 76,5 metres. It consists of 290 metre long central building and two more buildings constituting it. The length of each of the buildings composing the central building in the form of wings is 134 metres.

«Ashgabat- city» is a very modern part of the capital

The historic events developing widely in 2021, the year «Turkmenistan-the Home of Peace and Trust» showing the peaceful, prosperous life, unity of our people illuminate the development of our country at high rates under the guidance of our Hero Arkadag. On the 25th of May on the occasion of the Day of Ashgabat and the 140th Anniversary of our capital our esteemed President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov took part in the ceremonies of foundation of the large «Ashgabat- city» dwelling houses complex and opening and giving for use of the new two-storied apartment houses. Giving impetus to realization of a great modern mega-project worked out on the initiative of our National Leader has a great significance. The city-building solutions widely used in the world practice and national architectural traditions found their expression in this project. This great complex with total area of 744 hectares can be called the city inside the city. Because this complex consisting of more than two hundred buildings for different purposes, will form the whole city structure supplied with all living conditions and necessities for recreation. Numerous buildings belonging to district management and other office buildings and buildings of communal system will be built here. At the expense of capital investments four kindergartens for 1200 children, four secondary schools for 3000 pup

Symbol of Mercy and Love for People

Kurban Bayramy (Eid al-Adha) is an ancient holiday of all Muslims, which is observed 70 days after Oraza Bayramy. Since 1994, with the aim to preserve the spiritual and moral values of the Turkmen people, centuries-old customs and traditions, this ancient holiday has been included in the list of significant dates of our country. Every year, the holiday of high spirituality, generous heart and pure thoughts comes to the Turkmen land. Kurban Bayramy is the supreme expression of friendship, solidarity and mutual respect. This ancient holiday instils and fosters spirituality, faith, respect for social foundations, morality and justice.