Actressees who look younger than their age

«7/24. tm», № 30 (113), 25.07. 2022 Today, many women try to look younger than their age. This trend is welcomed by society.

What to do on hot summer days?

«7/24. tm», № 27 (110), 04.07. 2022 On hot days wear lightweight and loose clothes, be sure to wear hats. Take a bottle of water with you as well as fruit and berry refreshing drinks: fruit drinks, compotes, juices. All drinks must be at room temperature.

What to do in hot weather

«7/», № 24 (107), 13.06.2022 The Turkmen summer has begun reigning, and the thermometer creeps up every day. On these days, you should not forget about the precautions in hot weather. Wear lightweight and light-coloured clothes, be sure to wear hats and try to be in direct sunlight as little as possible. When you leave the house, take a bottle of water with you.

Sacred duty and important pilgrimage

In his new book The Meaning of My Life, devoted to the spiritual and moral issues of the culture of being, our Hero-Arkadag called one of the chapters “Pilgrimage to the sacred cities of Mecca and Medina”, which is considered one of the five duties in the Muslim religion. In it, he told readers in a fascinating way about his Hajj to Muslim shrines in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  And it is symbolic that a little over two months after President Serdar Berdimuhamedov assumed the duties of head of state, he made his first foreign visit to the sacred land of the Islamic world, one of the goals of which was to perform the rite of Umrah Hajj (lesser pilgrimage) in Mecca.

How to Prepare for Summer Holidays at the Children’s Recreation Centre

The main purpose of the Children’s Recreation Centre is communication, recreation and development. There, children are engaged in creativity: they sing, draw, dance, stage performances and broaden their outlook. Educators help develop a sense of beauty and a desire for joint creative work. They can also meet the needs of children in gaming activities. The centre hosts outdoor educational games, quizzes, sporting events (traditional morning exercises, swimming in the pool, hiking, among others). Parents who are willing to send their children to the centre to spend their vacation need not only to provide them with the necessary everyday things, but also to explain the rules of behaviour indoors and outdoors: at sea, on a hike and in an amusement park. In addition, they need to remind about the current rules of personal and public hygiene (not to forget to brush their teeth, wash their hands before eating, or at least dry their hands thoroughly with wet wipes, wash fruit and berries, drink bottled water, take a shower after the sea and others), inform about safety rules in the heat (wear a cap, light clothing, not to stay in the sun for a long time) and talk about caution when contacting with unfamiliar plants and insects.

How to protect from the sun

«7/», № 23 (106), 06.06.2022 The calendar summer continues. To avoid the effects of heat and maximize your health, you must carefully follow the recommendations of doctors.

State guarantee of labour rights of the citizens

By a good example of our Hero Arkadag rihgts of any worker, toiler, entrepreneur, in general, any working man are protected in our country on the basis of our Constitution and other legislative acts proceeding from it. Certainly, the happy citizens of the country can get rewards for their work tirelessly and honestly in response to great concern of the state and make their great contribution to the development of different sectors of economy of our Motherland. As it is known, rights of the citizens to work, including choosing their profession, job and working place, healthy and safety working conditions, to be protected from unemployment are guaranteed by the Constitution of Turkmenistan. If to analyze deeply, one can see that aims of labour legislation of Turkmenistan are to guarantee protection of labour rights of the citizens by the state, to create favourable working conditions and to protect rights and interests of the employees and employers.

Turkmenistan is a country of happy childhood

In the new historical epoch, great works are being done in our country to ensure the proper, modern upbringing and getting education, health care, spending their time joyfully and interesting of the young generation who are the future of our country. It should be noted that care of children in our country has become one of the priorities of the state policy. The state care about the children who are the young citizens is the guarantee of success and prosperity of our country. Because today’s children are the professionals who must rule the country tomorrow, work, create, build for the prosperity of our state. The child is the meaning of life, beauty of life and master of our future. That's why in our powerful state, kindergartens and schools with all the facilities in full compliance with world standards are being put into regular using, in which thousands of our younger generations are being brought up and educated. It is gratifying that all of the tall, white marble buildings of the educational centres reminiscent of the graceful palaces are equipped with the latest state-of-the-art technology. This helps the younger generation to master the lessons well and gain a deeper knowledge.

The Capital of Turkmenistan is the “Shining Pearl of Asia”

XXI International Universal Exhibition “White City of Ashgabat” The XXI International Universal Exhibition “White City of Ashgabat”, designed to demonstrate the achievements and prospects of the further development of the main city of the country in the field of urban planning and priority areas of cooperation in this sphere, was held in the Turkmen capital.

“Smart” city: Innovative management of the megapolis

Smart algorithms that make up artificial intelligence are already shaping the future. Thus, many megalopolises around the world are investing in becoming smart cities that use artificial intelligence for the public good. At the end of April, President Serdar Berdimuhamedov conducted an extended sitting of the Cabinet of Ministers in the new administrative centre of the Ahal velayat, which is under construction, where large-scale work is underway to erect a complex of buildings and structures designed to create a functional and comfortable living environment. This directly depends on the successful introduction and widespread use of digitalisation opportunities. In Turkmenistan, this process is carried out in accordance with the Programme of the President of Turkmenistan of the socioeconomic development of the country for 2019–2025, the Conception of digital economy development in Turkmenistan for 2019–2025 and the State Programme of digital economy development in Turkmenistan for 2021–2025. Of particular importance is the implementation of major infrastructure projects, including the creation of the first “smart” city in Turkmenistan.