Pearly Capital of the East

The white-marble capital of Turkmenistan, transforming from year to year due to the implementation of the urban planning strategy of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, represents a unique model of a dynamically developing city, where beauty and comfort, cutting-edge trends in architecture and the best traditions of national art of building are harmoniously combined, advanced technologies and engineering and technical solutions are actively introduced. The development work and improvements in Ashgabat were conducted on an unprecedented scale when preparing for the 5th Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games. The unique Olympic Complex, which has no analogues in the region, was built to host the Games. Its infrastructure comprises about 40 sports facilities arranged around the Olympic Stadium that can accommodate up to 45,000 spectators. The monumental sculpture of a horse, towering over the dome of the stadium, entered the Guinness World Records as the world’s largest horse image.

Ashgabat glorified by Arkadag

During his traditional visit to the Ahalteke equestrian complex under the President of Turkmenistan, our Hero-Arkadag Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, in connection with the birth of the first foal from the legendary horse Akhan, in accordance with the national tradition, tied an alaja around its neck. The head of state named the foal Ashgabat, using the first letter of its father’s name, in honour of the glorious 140th anniversary of our beautiful capital city. This joyful event and a new poem by the leader of the nation My White City – Ashgabat, set to music by his grandson Kerim Berdimuhamedov, has become a new significant symbol of the year 2021.

Messenger of happiness — Nowruz!

Each of us has a special attitude to the ancient holiday of Nowruz, which lives in the memory of many peoples. However, for each of us this is the most favourite and joyous holiday since childhood. Its origin goes back to the pre-written period of human history and is related to people’s perception of the world. In the mythology of many peoples inhabiting our planet, the globe rests on the horns of a huge bull. For a year this mythical god becomes tired and throws the Earth from one horn to another, after which, according to legend, Nowruz, new year, comes.

My beloved capital

From ancient times, the heart of any state has been its capital city. This year, the main city of our country – Ashgabat – turns 140 years old. Today it is a large administrative, political, industrial, scientific and cultural centre of Turkmenistan. Here, important issues of a state importance, related to the political, economic, cultural and social life of the country are solved. The beautiful avenues, highways that meet world standards, Ashgabat city, where the buildings of ministries and departments are concentrated, have become a vivid eviidence of the rapid development of the modern age, enlightening the way to a bright future. But let’s look back to 140 years ago, to the distant year 1881. At that time, it was the village of Askhabat with 800 yurts, located near a mountain river under the same name, whose crystal clear waters originated at the top of the Kopetdag Mountains. Askhabat emerged as a fortress on the western outskirts of the settlement Askhabat along the Gaudan Road leading to Persia. The fortress stood on a hill 12 metres high, on which a redoubt citadel with a fortress settlement, surrounded by walls and a ditch, were built below.

An Industrial Centre and City-Garden

Through the consistent efforts of the Turkmen leader, the capital city of Turkmenistan has become an example of the harmony of a modern city and environmental wellbeing. Ashgabat is successfully developing in the field of urban planning and is becoming famous worldwide as a centre of economic, cultural and international cooperation. However, the preservation of the environmental wellbeing of Ashgabat is an important component of the activities of government agencies, enterprises, institutions and public organisations. Parks and public gardens in the city grow; and forests surround the city like an emerald necklace. The unique history of Ashgabat began 140 years ago. However, there is convincing archaeological and written evidence that this place was the cradle of the Great Turkmen-Parthian state. The world famous capital of the state, Nisa, is inscribed on the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List. The city changed many times over its 140-year history. Since gaining independence, Ashgabat as a capital has grown into a large industrial and cultural centre. It has become a symbol of the city of happiness, wellbeing, prosperity and harmonious development. Ashgabat is now preparing to celebrate its 140th anniversary. The Resolution of the President of Turkmenistan approves the programme of celebrations and festive events.

Sunny oasis — Ashgabat

The Kopetdag Mountains, which were the bottom of the ancient ocean millions of years ago, are adjacent to the Karakum Desert, but there, on thi land, the eternal rivals, mountains and sands, show harmony in relationships. And in the heart of this harmonious union a pearl, sparkling with whiteness, has grown. Ashgabat is a city dear to our hearts. Love of it does not leave us even when we are apart from it. We grow up, and it grows with us, we become white-haired people, but it turns into a young, tall, like a fantastic mirage, city. Its main streets have been transformed into modern, wide avenues; its buildings, dressed in snow-white marble clothes, have acquired the look of magical palaces; its parks and public gardens, decorated with exotic trees and flowers, have looked like oases, where in the cool shade of the alleys, listening to the crystal ringing of fountains, passers-by can take refuge from the sultry summer sun.

Blossom, beloved Ashgabat!

The capital city of independent neutral Turkmenistan is developing, expanding its borders, and the number of new buildings and facilities is growing with every passing year. The city has stretched towards the foothill plain of the Kopetdag Mountains the main vectors of wide avenues with housing estates and modern road junctions. Today, the 17th stage is being built, which is being formed in the Bagtiyarlyk etrap of the capital, in its southern part, on the bank of Lake Altyn Köl. On the instructions of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, the new section of the capital will be in harmony with the architectural look of the Ashgabat City to be constructed. So, the city borders include the administrative areas located nearby. The volume of used materials and structures from local raw materials is growing, the environmental component of the design of residential, social and industrial facilities has been transferred to “new rails” – an eco-examination of each implemented project is carried out from the first days of land survey. And as a result, Ashgabat residents can admire the perfection of the engineering solutions, modern architecture, exterior and interior of buildings erected in the spirit of folk traditions. The beloved city has approached the time landmark of its history – the 140th anniversary. City of the Future – Comfortable for Life, Safe for He

A Significant Landmark in the Life of the Country

February 12 is a significant date in the life of the Turkmen state and our people. It takes a special place in the modern history of our country – this is the fateful day of the election of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov. On February 12, 2012, the people of Turkmenistan made a crucial decision and, using their constitutional right, expressed their will and unanimously elected the head of state. On February 12, 2017, we confirmed our adherence to this choice with all responsibility towards the future by giving again our votes for the leader of the nation and entrusting him with the presidency for the next 7 years.

ASHGABAT: Yesterday, today, tomorrow

In the year of the 30th anniversary of our sacred independence, which is being held under the motto “Turkmenistan – the Home of Peace and Trust”, we are also celebrating the 140th anniversary of Ashgabat. As the connection between the past, present and future is inextricable, the history of Ashgabat is a visible evidence of the new life that came to the ancient Turkmen land after gaining real state sovereignty. A Brief Prehistory in Figures and Facts

Peace through development

President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly BERDIMUHAMEDOV: “Peace, security and development in Central Asia directly depend on the settlement of the situation in Afghanistan. Turkmenistan has a clear and invariable position: there is no alternative to the negotiation process.”