Ecological diplomacy: important sphere of cooperation at the Caspian Sea

Among the strategically important tasks facing the world community, a special place is taken by ensuring environmental safety. This is reflected in the 2030 Global Agenda. Independent neutral Turkmenistan, as a full member of the UN, has identified the solution of problems of ecology and rational use of natural resources among the most important priorities of its foreign policy. The policy pursued by the President of Turkmenistan in this field is based on the principles of positive neutrality and is called environmental diplomacy. Turkmenistan is a supporter of a consolidated and systematic approach to ensuring environmental safety. At the same time, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov stresses that “the environment cannot be a hostage to economic and commercial benefits. Our common task is to combine objective economic interests and the realities of international partnership with the need to maintain an ecological balance.” In its environmental diplomacy, Turkmenistan attaches special attention to the unique natural phenomenon – the Caspian Sea.

The Legends Say...

The southeast of Turkmenistan is rich in unique natural landscapes and amazing natural monuments, dating back to the depths of antiquity. Why are the mountains and foothills of Koytendag so remarkable? First of all, it is due to its unique, highly dissected mountainous relief, composed of limestone, gypsum, sandstone and other rocks. The name of the mountains is translated from the Turkic languages as “mountains with narrow gorges”. The people of Turkmenistan call these mountains “mountains of deep canyons”. Many beautiful gorges and deep canyons located there are thinned out by karst caves, formed as a result of dissolution and leaching of the Upper Jurassic limestone.

Water - source of abundance

Since ancient times, water has been considered a sacred source of existence and abundance, for due to it, nature comes to life, and endless steppes turn into flowering, fertile lands. That is why, our ancestors, who knew the price of water very well, equated every drop of it with a grain of gold. The Turkmen people have created many wise proverbs and sayings vividly reflecting the respect for the life-giving moisture: “Water is father, earth is mother”, “Earth with water is a flower garden, without water it is a desert”, “The beauty of the earth is water, the beauty of water is swan". In the socioeconomic strategy of Turkmenistan, special importance is attached to the rational use of water resources. Rational water use in Central Asia is one of the urgent tasks, and Turkmenistan is very active in this matter. Major investment projects are being implemented in this area, including those to increase the capacity of the Karakum River and to provide cities and villages of the country with clean drinking water.