Children’s tennis festival closes in Ashgabat

«7/», №17 (100), 25.04.2022    The children’s tennis festival marking World Health Day and the 30th anniversary of the Tennis Federation of Turkmenistan closed in Ashgabat, reports.

Modern sports facilities

Excellent conditions are created for the education of physically and mentally healthy generations in our country. The modern facilities built in different corners of the country are of great importance in encouraging young people to do physical culture and sports. The modern infrastructure projects in the capital and in the Velayat centres ensure excellent conditions for the residents to do sports and to follow the principles of a healthy lifestyle. The Olympic Village in the capital, the sports complex in the Avaza National Tourist Zone, the sports facilities in the Velayat centres and Etraps demonstrate this fact.

The values of the Turkmen people

The Ahalteke horses are one of the sacred, world-famous, and glorious values of the Turkmen people. This truth is reflected in the fact that the horse is depicted in the center of the State Emblem of Turkmenistan. Thus, the glory of the Ahalteke horses has been passed down from generation to generation for centuries. The history of our ‘heavenly’ horses has a worthy place in the national literature and in the works of other peoples. Besides other features of the Turkmen horses, they provide a lot of information on their beauty, endurance and strength.

Sport in our life a sound mind in a sound body

«7/», № 16 (99), 18.04.2022. People cannot do without sport. Sport plays an important role in our lives. Sport helps us in different ways. First of all, it helps us stay in good shape, keep fit and be healthy. It makes people strong, fast and agile. Moreover, sport builds character; it teaches us to compete and practice sportsmanship. It makes us live organised lives and improve our self-discipline. Besides, it is a good way to meet people and make new friends.

Turkmenistan futsal team qualifies for 2022 AFC Asian Cup

 «7/», № 16 (99), 18.04.2022.        The Turkmenistan futsal team won a spot in the final tournament of the 2022 AFC Futsal Asian Cup after Kyrgyzstan had lost  the qualifying game  to  Iran.

Two-year-old Korean boy Lee Sambo started training in Combat Sambo

  «7/», № 16 (99), 18.04.2022. In the Republic of Korea, there are still quite strict COVID restrictions, due to which many athletes cannot fully train. Adults are forced to put up with it, but children’s craving for sports is too strong. That is why the famous Korean boy Lee Sambo, who recently turned 2 years and 4 months old, began his first training in Combat SAMBO under the guidance of his father Lee Kihun.

Football Federation of Turkmenistan takes part in 72nd FIFA Congress

«7/», № 15 (98), 11.04.2022.   The delegation of the Football Federation of Turkmenistan led by Secretary General Annabayram Durdymammedov took part in the 72nd FIFA Congress, which was held in Doha on March 31.

2022. FIFA World Cup draw in Qatar

 «7/», № 15 (98), 11.04.2022. The 2022 World Cup Final Draw has taken place in Qatar.  32 teams were drawn into eight groups of four.

The basis for health and friendship

The concern of the President of Turkmenistan Serdar Berdimuhamedov for the healthy, spiritual development of the younger generations, and for the modern education and upbringing in our country has a great importance in the year, held under the motto ‘the Era of the People with Arkadag’. The UN General Assembly adopted the Resolution ‘Integration of mainstream bicycling into public transportation systems for sustainable development’, co-authored by 62 countries, at the 61st plenary meeting of its 76th Session at the initiative of Turkmenistan on March 15 this year. The adoption of the Resolution demonstrated that the wide range of opportunities created in our country for the physical and spiritual development of our people, especially children and youth, bears fruits. The UN General Assembly has declared June 3 as the World Bicycle Day by adopting a Resolution, which was initiated by Turkmenistan, during the 82 plenary meeting of its 72 Session on April 12, 2018. That fact evidenced the complete international support to the initiatives of our country aimed at strengthening of peace, friendship and fruitful cooperation through sport.

Eco-friend­ly Trans­port: His­to­ry and Mo­der­ni­ty

Ma­ny well-known poe­tic li­nes and nu­me­rous pub­lications about the his­to­ry of its inven­tion and its gro­wing po­pu­la­ri­sa­tion in the con­text of the dy­na­mic develop­ment of cycling and the use of the bicycle as a unique and af­for­dab­le si­mu­la­tor to imp­rove hu­man health are devoted to the bicycle as a univer­sal eco-friend­ly vehicle.The­re are ma­ny de­dications to the bicycle in the ma­il of NT. He­re are a few examp­les. Go cycling if you want to be healt­hy!