Warholm smashes 400m hurdles world record for second time in year

«7/», №32 (63), 09.08.2021. Norway’s Karsten Warholm broke the world record in the 400-metre hurdles at the Tokyo Olympic Games.

Yashyl Yayla welcomes guests

The Yashyl Yayla Children's Recreation Centre is a great source of inspiration for schoolchildren during the summer and winter holidays in Hyvaabat Valley, Kaka Etrap, Ahal Velayat. Opened and put into operation in 2015, the Centre accommodates 300 children at each session and provides excellent conditions for happy generations to have a good time and to recreate.

Sport is the key to health

Great progress has been made in our country, in all spheres, as well as in the Turkmen sports, under the wise leadership of the President of Turkmenistan in the epoch of might and happiness. To date, large-scale state programmes aimed at developing the Turkmen sport are being successfully implemented in our country. Thanks to the comprehensive concern of the Turkmen leader, modern sports facilities are built in the white marble capital of the independent, permanently neutral Turkmenistan, Ashgabat and Velayats. These facilities are provided with the latest technologies and state-of-the-art equipment. The sports infrastructure reflects the achievements of our national architectural art and inspires the happy young generation of our beloved Motherland – schoolchildren and students – to engage in physical education and sports.

Tokyo Impressions

or an online interview with Polina Guryeva, the Olympic silver medallist The eventful days of the XXXII Summer Olympics have decorated the history of the Turkmen sports. The historic moment when the Flag of Turkmenistan was raised in the Land of the Rising Sun to mark the Olympic medal of our athlete has made all our compatriots happy. July 27, 2021 went down in the history the Turkmen sports as one of the most important dates. The same day, Polina Guryeva, a 21-year-old student of the Olympic Sports Department at Turkmen State Institute of Physical Education and Sports, an athlete of the Higher Sports Skills School of Turkmenistan, won a silver medal at the XXXII Summer Olympic Games for the national team of our Motherland. After this historic event, we held an online interview with the athlete who updated her personal record, having lifted 217 kilogrammes in total in the weightlifting competition, and won the Olympic medal for our country.

Legendary gymnast Chusovitina announces her retirement at the age of 46

«7/», №31 (62), 02.08.2021. A 1992 Olympic champion, gymnast Oksana Chusovitina, currently performing for Uzbekistan, announced the end of her gymnastics career.

Korean judoka shaves her shaves her head before OG bout to lose weight

«7/», №31 (62), 02.08.2021. Kang Yoo-jung from Korea went to extreme measures to meet the weight requirements of the Olympic judo tournament.

Japanese girl wins the Olympics at 13

«7/», №31 (62), 02.08.2021. The winners of the first ever Olympic street skateboarding tournament are 42 years old. For three! The 13-year-old athletes Momiji Nishiy (Japan) and Rayssa Leal (Brazil) took the first two places, and Japan’s Funa Naka-yama won a bronze medal. She is a veteran against their background, she is 16. This podium will go down in history of the Olympic Games as the youngest.

IOC allows athletes to remove their masks for 30 seconds on the podium at Tokyo Olympics

«7/», №31 (62), 02.08.2021. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) will allow the Tokyo Olympic medallists to take off their masks for up to 30 seconds to be photographed during the medal ceremony.

Brother and sister from Japan win gold medals in Olympic judo tournament

«7/», №31 (62), 02.08.2021. A Japanese judoka Hifumi Abe defeated Georgia’s Vazha Margvelashvili in the 66 kg final of the Tokyo Olympic Games.

Independence is the wing of our motherland

The development and great heights achieved under the leadership of the President of Turkmenistan provoke pride and joy of the Turkmen people in the epoch of might and happiness. This fact inspires our nation to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Turkmenistan's independence and to reach new achievements. The vital importance of independence has been appraised in the epoch of might and happiness. The wise and far-sighted policy of the Turkmen leader and great work to ensure a happy and prosperous life of the Turkmen people demonstrate tremendous political, historical significance of independence, and foster considerable positive transformations in spiritual life of people and economy. Implementing fundamental reforms to strengthen independence, the President of Turkmenistan has succeeded in following the best way to achieve a deeper and broader understanding of happiness by the people living in a sovereign, independent state.