The use of two-pha­se nut­rient me­dium for strep­tococcus pneu­mo­niae iso­la­tion

21 September 2020

Isolation and preservation for an indefinitely long term of microorganisms unstable in the external environment and demanding on nutrient media in bacteriological laboratories are associated with certain difficulties [3, 6, 7]. A representative of the Streptococcus genus S.pneumoniae also belongs to such microorganisms, the isolation of which is hampered not only by the mentioned difficulties, but also by S.pneumoniae's ability to autolysis [3, 6, 7].

Along with reliability of bacteriological diagnostic methods, cost-effectiveness is also important, availability of these methods, in accordance with this, population should be provided with high-quality and affordable health care services. Based on the foregoing, the preparation and use of biphasic nutrient media under laboratory conditions for cultivation and identification of S. pneumoniae is one of the urgent and priority issues of practical bacteriology.

Sanitary-epidemiological Service of Ashgabat city, Departments of Epidemiology and Infectious Diseases, Food Hygiene of M.Garryyev SMUT