The national pride of the people

4 February 2022

Our people have always had deep respect for the national values and heritage of ancestors. As is known, this respect has been enhanced in the epoch of might and happiness. Impressive work is underway to preserve and promote our national values under the wise leadership of the President of Turkmenistan, and to create wonderful conditions for the selecting and breeding of thoroughbred Turkmen alabays.

The Türkmen alabaý itleri Association was established on May 7, 2020 on the initiative and thanks to support of the Turkmen leader. This fact demonstrated great state concern for the alabays, which represent an example of courage, faithfulness and bravery, and for the traditions of the national school of dog breeding, selecting and raising to be passed down to the future generations.

Shasoltan ORAZOVA,
an English lecturer, Turkmen State Institute of Physical Education and Sports.