Radiance of high Buildings

1 December 2021

On the days of celebration of the 30th Anniversary of Independence of our country the important events written in golden letters in our history were very important by their essence. On the 26th of September our esteemed President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov took part in the opening ceremony of the «Ashgabat» Trade, Rest and Business Centre consisting also of dwelling houses, built in the capital which is a unique centre in the region. The total area of the project of the new complex of construction built by the «Beyik bina» private enterprise is equal to 8 hectares. There are four–storied trade and rest centre, six storied business centre and modern complex of dwelling houses, two–storied halls for 800 persons for holding marriage parties there. The complex consists of the underground parking lot for 708 cars, car washing and car service centres, café, engineering constructions, trestle-work bridge and 309 metre long canal. Besides that park zone was created.

Over the 65 square metre area territory of the trade centre includes more than 240 shops, a supermarket, the physical culture and cultural–sanitation centre, café and food–courts, saloons, playgrounds for children, billiards, bowling – alley, cinema hall, ice ground, rest and attraction centres.

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