The glorious epoch of great progress

26 November 2021

Every day of 2021 — the «International Year of Peace and Trust» and the year of widely celebration of the 30th Anniversary of Independence of our Motherland is full of glorious events. On the 23rd of August during his visit to the Mary Province the Head of our state gave impetus to construction of new wells in the «Galkynysh» Gas Field and took part in the ceremony of foundation of the construction for holding mass events near the «Turkmening ak oyi» building located in the centre of the region. In his speech during the ceremony our National Leader underlined that great capital investments are made into fuel-energy complex and these means are directed at further developing this profitable branch, at providing the oil and gas enterprises with modern technical equipment and technology, at carrying out geological exploratory drilling and industrial exploitation of the new oil and gas fields.

Giving for industrial exploitation of the «Galkynysh», one of the largest gas fields in the world, was a very important step on the way of realizing energy strategy of the country, in strengthening the reserve of raw materials for exporting of gas. Each of the 45 gas wells located in the four thousand square metre exploitation area of the «Galkynysh» Gas Field gives on the average two million cubic metres of natural gas in twenty four hours.