Neutrality Of turkmenistan — on the way of sustainable development

26 November 2021

Finding its expression in program strategies of our esteemed President on successive improving our society in all trends of national development Neutrality of Turkmenistan occupies its deserved place in ensuring structural parts of security on the world level, in preserving sustainability and in universal development. Openness of our state, its readiness for wide-scale international co-operation as the reliable state and its activity in finding positive solutions of universal problems stand on the basis of declaration as the important condition of ensuring the sustainable development. These tasks serving peace through development, first of all, are in harmony with humanistic traditions of Neutrality of Turkmenistan.

Our esteemed President underlines: «Neutrality is our wealth. Its value was recognized by the world community. It is a doctrine ensuring peace and friendship, humanism and goodwill co-operation and development». It testifies that our permanent Neutrality opening wide opportunities through active participation in international life, creates the necessary conditions for securing the universal peace, for supporting the fruitful trends of economic co-operation and for being devoted to solution of important problems. Especially, on the initiatives of our esteemed President works carried out for securing ecological energy safety by our state and for creating the transport-logistic centre include the spheres of safety and social-economic security of sustainable development.

the chief specialist of the Social Policy Committee of the Mejlis of the National Gengesh of Turkmenistan