The Turkmen horse is the specimen of swiftness and beauty

25 November 2021

During the Epoch of Might and Happiness under the guidance of our esteemed President protecting the cultural heritage of our people who made a great contribution to the development of the world culture during millennia, enriching and popularizing it in the world are one of the primary trends. In our country a wide range of works carried out on giving new shades to national traditions connected with horse breeding art of the pure Ahal-Teke horses, the roots of which go back to ancient times, on enriching them with the new content and on drawing actively the young generation in horse-riding sport. Besides that wide-scale works on further improving of the pure Ahal-Teke horses are carried out in our country.

Our horses, which are the inseparable part of national and world culture, serve as the source of inspiration for poets, artists, sculptors during centuries by their beauty, harmony, quickness and faithfulness. Because the national value created by our ancestors and given to the world attracts the attention of well-known scientists, horse breeders.

Sahyjemal TAJIYEVA,
the teacher of the Turkmen State Institute of Physical Culture and Sport.
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