Poetry is life

14 August 2020

The Hero of Turkmenistan, People’s Writer Gozel Shaguliyeva is widely known in our country. Her verses, in which the melody of life plays, are full of thoughts, hopes and joys. She wrote her first poems about the Motherland for the school newspaper when she was 11. Poetry entered her life early and was not brought to judgment of readers for a long time, remaining, according to the poetess, “the refuge of her soul”. It was not until 1969, when she was 29, that she sent her verses to a literary newspaper for the first time, where they were published. She made her debut thus. The poetic talent of Gozel Shaguliyeva was noticed, and a new name appeared in Turkmen literature. The recognition from readers and poets of Russia, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan came to her.

Gozel Shaguliyeva is a fine lyricist. Many verses by the Turkmen poetess are set to music today. The songs I was Waiting for You, A White Dove, White Flowers and others became popular.

Interviewer: Zinyat GAFFARI
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