Comparative analysis of immunomodulators affecting the functional activity of blood leukocytes of athletes

26 October 2021

Modern sport of the highest achievements sets the athletes the task of overcoming extremely difficult, and in some cases, extreme psychoemotional and physical stress. The analysis of scientific literature shows that regardless of the type of sport, athletes of the highest achievements have significantly reduced functional activity of the immune system, there is a slight immunodeficiency [3, 5-7].

In this regard, the search for means of increasing the functional capabilities of the immune system of the body of athletes is relevant, and not only with the help of synthetic drugs, but also drugs of natural origin. One of the herbal preparations is licorice root, which is well known in the folk medicine of Turkmenistan [2]. The drug of choice for stimulating the immune system can be imunofan, which is currently widely used to correct disorders of the immune system [8].

Scientific Research Center, Department of Normal Physiology of M.Garryyev SMUT