Development of a new medicinal preparation based on dry extract of licorice root

26 October 2021

Domestic and foreign publications unanimously confirm the effectiveness of licorice drugs due to the group of main active ingredients  – triterpene glycosides, in particular, glycyrrhizic acid and its derivatives. The growing popularity of drugs from this type of raw material raises the question of the need to introduce new dosage forms into medical practice.

Sodium bicarbonate causes an increase in the alkaline reserves of blood, shifts the reaction of bronchial mucus to the alkaline side and makes sputum less viscous, it is used as an expectorant [6].

Nargozel MURATNAZAROVA, Aysoltan TESHAYEVA, Duniyagozel KLYCHEVA, Tachmurad DURDIYEV
Department of Pharmacy of M.Garryyev SMUT, State Association "Turkmendermansenagat"