Professional master of his profession

21 October 2021

History of Turkmenistan comes from millenniums and one of its national value is loyal alabay dogs. It is impossible to imagine the doors of Turkmens without alabay dog, arwana camel and ahalteke horses. We decided to talk in detail about the Turkmen alabay, and to prepare our interview with the professional master Dovletmyrat Kurrukov as mentioned in the article’s title.–Mr Dovletmyrat lets start our conversation with the works of International «Turkmen alabay dogs» association in our country…– As a result of the important humanitarian policy pursued by our Hero Arkadag in the prosperous period of our severing state, the values inherited by our forefathers, in the development of world culture, and helping to develop the world cultures and civilization and leaving them to our next generation is main priority. In modern and sovereign Turkmenistan great attention paid to preserve the national values that our ancestors left for us, and helping to develop the world cultures and civilization and leaving them to our next generation by the efforts of our Esteemed President. International «Turkmen alabay dogs» association initiated by our Arkadag’s efforts. During previous year under the name «Turkmenistan is the Homeland of Neutrality» in May of 2020 Turkmen alabay dogs association is established to preserve the alabay dogs breed, raise the knowledge of alabay dogs, training and feeding techniques, and upbringing them and leaving them to our next generations. In 31th august of that year Turkmen alabay dogs’ associations onlinemeeting were conducted. Among the areas of activity of the Association are Turkmen Alabay dogs. During online conference international level given to association and new members accepted. It is historical moment for us and to the world. Main purpose of association is to preserve the breed of alabay dogs, increasing the number of pure bloods alabay dogs and sharing the experience with international dog breeding community widely using the method of popular selection and the school of national ethnography to reach the international level. A number of breeding centers have been built and put into operation in Lebap, Mary, Dashoguz, Akhal and Balkan provinces as well as in Ashgabat city. In Ashgabat city International «Turkmen alabay dogs» building is constructed. It represents that much is done by state to protect the alabay dogs breed.
– Master! Let’s continue our conversation about emergence, breed differences and history of alabay dogs…– When you read the book «Turkmen alabay» by our Hero Arkadag, you can see that it is large-scale work in the first place. The information contained in the book dedicated to the historical path of the Turkmen alabay, it shows that historical roots of cultivation of Turkmen alabay goes deeper. In the era of happiness and Neutrality of our state, shapes, statues, foot prints and discoveries related to history of alabay dogs is uncovered through archeological excavations. Shapes of alabay dogs is not just founded from ancient villages, but also in monuments dating back to the antiquity and the Middle ages. A statue of shepherd dog dating back to the 2nd century AD has been found in the Gavurgala Monument, located in the center of the ancient Merv Historical and Cultural Monuments Complex. In addition, fragments of a mold made of clay dating back to the 1st and 2nd centuries AD and used to make statue of the Turkmen alabay cooked in high heat were found in the monument. It shows that special places existed to make the alabay dogs shape. Look at the history of alabay dogs, such as Ak (white) Yekemen, Gara (black) Yekemen, Gotur, Garry Yolbars (lion), Garakelle (blackhead), Akgush (white bird) and others. They themselves as well as their numerous descendants, have been the winners of the breed dogs several times, displaying excellent qualities. – Mr Dovletmyrat could you tell our readers about alabay dogs’ characters, their special trainings, how they breed and so on… – The methods of selection and breeding of the ancestors are aimed at their resistance to various harsh conditions of the nature, their timely growth and development was observed diligently. Our ancestors did not choose any dog to guard the sheep of shepherd. They analyzed details like dog’s breed, its father and mother, its root even owner of the dog influences how dog is breed. There is also a method to choose puppies by help of their mother in dark house. Little dogs were chosen by leaving them to its mother’s choice in dark rooms. It is said that whichever dog its mother finds by sniffing, that dogs’ growth strong and different from others. In addition, experienced shepherds opened the mouths of the new dog and looked at their upper jaws. Whichever dog’s upper jaw is black, that dog is better for shepherd. Because the dogs with the upper jaws were black, they considered very strong and careful in guarding the sheep of shepherd. Shepherds did not cut the dog from obtaining milk. If they cut dog from obtaining milk early,
it become arrogant, greedy and follows what it wants. Dogs stays with their mother and learn to imitate what gown dog does. Among shepherds keeping dog’s hungry method was used to find out its blood type and endurance. Shepherd keeps dog without food and water for 2-3 days with tied sheep. Does dog attacks to sheep when it is hungry? No real shepherd dog stops itself from attacking sheep even it is hungry, because they were trained to do so. Alabay did not attacked people. It just barks when strange people arrive. Once upon a time while tazy and alabay dog lays on the entrance of door, one old man arrived. Alabay barked at him, but tazy slept in silence. Tazy did not liked what alabay did and said: «Until our owner exits, you protected well». Alabay appreciated the compliment and said. I just warn my owner that strange people arrived, because my owner gives me food and water and feeds me. As it showed in story, alabay was sensitive and clever. Because of that some people keeps alabay dogs to be loyal friends. Book of our Esteemed President is guidance and provide resource to know about the alabay dogs. Book of our Arkadag provides opportunity to learn information’s from scientific approaches. This book is full of information to learn. For protecting our national values and introducing them to the world, I wish our Esteemed President long life, health and success in his endeavors.

Gylychmuhammet JORAYEV
Senior lecturer of Institute of Engineering and Transport Communications of Turkmenistan.