And Again about Hy­gie­ne, Masks and Dis­tance

30 July 2021

Man­da­to­ry ob­servance of the ru­les for preven­tion of various di­sea­ses has become a neces­sa­ry con­di­tion of the pre­sent ti­me. We talk much about the ru­les of per­so­nal hy­gie­ne, since clean­li­ness is al­ways a key to health. Comp­liance with per­so­nal and pub­lic hy­gie­ne prevents the spread of a hu­ge num­ber of in­fectious di­sea­ses trans­mit­ted through dir­ty hands, hou­se­hold items and air­bor­ne drop­lets. Per­so­nal hy­gie­ne, re­gu­lar­ly was­hing hands, ob­serving the etiquet­te of coug­hing and snee­zing and kee­ping social, sa­fe, dis­tance are gua­ran­tees of the pre­servation of per­so­nal health and care for the health of ot­hers.

So, an im­por­tant con­di­tion for main­tai­ning health is per­so­nal hy­gie­ne and, above all, hand hy­gie­ne. To­day, even young child­ren know that hand was­hing is one of the most ef­fective hy­gie­ne procedu­res. It is avai­lab­le to any per­son, it prevents the mas­sive spread of in­fectious agents and sig­ni­ficant­ly re­duces the risk of in­tes­ti­nal and viral in­fections. Hand hy­gie­ne has a wi­de ran­ge of pro­tecti­on. It shows sig­ni­ficant preven­tive re­sults, is on a par with vaccina­tion. Ho­wever, a procedu­re per­for­med poor­ly will not give the de­si­red ef­fect.