Plants against Pests

31 July 2020

For the health of the soil and plants, improvement of the ecological quality of the products and the enhancement of the role of bioorganic methods in agriculture, amateur gardeners seek to use natural methods in the fight against insect pests and plant diseases and apply so-called home chemistry. Water infusions and decoctions of some cultivated and wild plants, including onions and red peppers, limit the activity or completely eliminate harmful insects, especially in their germinal state. Such plants are called insecticidal, and their properties are caused by the presence of alkaloids, essential oils and other toxic compounds in them. It is advisable to use preparations from such plants in the absence of factory-made pesticides or if it is possible to do without chemicals, which ultimately is beneficial for the environment and agricultural production. The cultural flora of Turkmenistan is rich in such species that help fight against agricultural pests, animal parasites and rodents.

In the Same Seedbed

a scientific worker at the National Institute of Deserts, Flora and Fauna, Ministry of Agriculture and Environment Protection of Turkmenistan